How To Get Microsoft Azure For Free Forever?

How To Get Microsoft Azure For Free Forever?

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              Ankush here, back with another amazing blog. In this blog, I would show you how to get Microsoft Azure for free. Yes, you heard it right, you would be provided ample amount of free credits, which would help you to build up a free VPS. To know more about Azure and VPS, please search on google. The post would get very long and boring if I try to cover it here. In short, a VPS is a virtual computer which is located somewhere else, but you have the sole rights to control it. The computer will be yours as long as you have the subscription.

   VPS's have many uses. I am not going in detail, everything is just a google search away. Some people even claim that they are able to mine in Azure. I can't guarantee, but you may try if you want.

    You all are aware that Azure if free for students. Microsoft provides $100 free credits for 1 year. This can be renewed again and again as long as you have a student's mail. Here are the requirements for getting one-

1. An active internet connection

2. A laptop or PC

3. A standard browser, don't use IE.

4. A student's mail (have some patience, I have a solution for you)

5. A non-VoIP number

 Now, let's start.

If you have a student's mail and you're willing to use that, feel free to skip this step.

Now, click here. Use Google translate extension, if you can't understand anything. Generate on account for yourself for free. Please, don't abuse this link.

Update- Some people have reported that they can't use the above link. In that case, use this link. It works the same, and if you face some problems, just open the previous website, at the top right you will see the option of Github page of the owner. Just open an issue and it would be solved in a few days. This link is working as I am updating this post. The above link is also working. Have fun.

Now, once you've created one, simply close that tab. Don't log out, just close the tab. Done? Now click here and click on "Activate Now".

Sign in via the account created above. If you want to use your own student's mail, feel free to do so. Remember, $100 depletes pretty quick, then you have to wait for 1 year to get back again. But via the above method, you can generate as many accounts as you need.

To verify whether you are a human or not, Microsoft may ask you to verify your number. Don't worry, it's safe. After successful verification, you would be redirected to Azure official website. Your account would be credited $100 free credits in a few moments.

Congratulations, you have just got a free VPS.

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Keep a record of all the accounts you've created, so that you can reactivate them after 1 year. 

The above website isn't hosted by me. For any queries, please contact the owner of that website.

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