The dog days are over? How was my experience with NFT until here
My First Drop

The dog days are over? How was my experience with NFT until here

Hello world!

My name is Augusto Cavenaghi, I'm an artist, living at Brazil. I do paintings most of the time, some sci-fi scratch builded dioramas for fun and some woodcraft to improve the house. The NFT brought me here and I'm going to make a narrative about my experiences with it, looking to help other people that found themselves at the same situation and facilitate newcomers to join this universe. So if you like a story, stay a while and listen.


I was zapping the instagram, at my couch, when some artist popped up a new work about the new trend of visual arts, the N F T (wtf?).

He wrote that he made a DROP (?) and had some link about it.

I was not paying that much atention, but it got me curious, and I've did started my quest.

I wasn't at cryptocoins at the moment, never had a wallet and all my knowledgment stands for knewing that bitcoin was nice and it has a huuuge value now. And now, 10 years late, I'm sitting, writing and studying about blockchain and everything around it.

But what really cames to my atention and put me into this journey, was the NFTs. 

Why? Because its a tool that helps my work to find its public, and resolves itself.

I can produce, advertise and sale it, all by myself.

Someone that enjoys my ugly sketchs will buy then, I could decide how much they will cost and I can be part of the business forever.

Even the soccer players earn royalties to their original teams. Why my paintings are re-selling around the world and Im not a part of the fun? Not at the whole process at least. How can I control this? I've should earn my royalties too. They were my creations, my intelectual property, my vision of the reality.

With no 50% - 90% art market fee.

Never happened before in the history of art.

Nor that Im aware of.

And with this in mind, I've had no other alternative but be part of it and play the game.


And with my pc needing parts by the time, I have only one fighter, a SAMSUMG A31 smartphone

Like a good designer I've made the first step to solve my problem, research.

I got this results: 

First I need a Wallet to put my cryptocoins (10 years afterwards and it is so much easier and better). I could found a few around the playstore, did some liability check, a few reviews and got one that seens safe to put my money on. Wallets installed, need to verify stuff, personal infos, and its done.

Ok, so now I need to create the NFT and sell my arts around the universe. Whats this, NFT? I've found a lot of good articles explaining it and theres no need of going deeper here. I will post some for your later reading

Where can I sell my pieces of art? I've got to play with my new toy, the wallet, and see if it gave me any ideas. I was surprised of how nice, easy and full of contents my new wallet was. Usually my real one is filled with old paper recieves, cards with nothings going on and lots of empty space.

Into the wallet I'd found a tab called Dapps, (came to my atention cause I've had no idea of what it was. APPs with a D? Lets go there right now!) and when clicked, I've been presented with a lot of icons and links to other stuff (I had a vague idea of what I was doing at this point) till I'd found a tab called Marketplace.

Oooh. This I some terms that I'm confortable. With all the D&Da, Assassins Creed gameplay and movies, I definitly know what a marketplace is. A place with lots of people selling and buying stuff with tents, colorful things and bizarre creatures lurking around. This is definitly where I wanna go.

With my paintings at my backpack, I've took a road to the first place that I've found. The RARIBLE market. I liked the name R A R I B L E. Makes my art looks goldish and shiny, worthing gems of the size of an apple. Lots of auctions running around, posters of the top artists, nice images, WOW. Love this place. 

RAAARIBLEE said the talking snake under the sign.

( but I've did trought my wallet browser, it was easier to navigate and sync, etc.)

All yellow and black, sharp and nicely round edges, this is it. My place to make money with my creations.

Now what. I can't wait to put my draws to display. Build my tent here and wait for the customers to arrive, sell all my geniously pieces of work and reach fame and glory to earn my way to valhalla. *VALHALLA! Screams some dude at the background*

Then the snake gave me some more reading material, and then I've sit down next to it and study it.

At first I need to pair my Wallet with this marketplace to make it work. Thats easy, they got pair and sync links all around. And makes sense, I need to be connected to the place to make transactions. Its safe? I guess it is, but double check the security issues and tools. 

Syncs done, now lets go to my quest.

At this point I have a profile at the Rarible, with a picture, background image, description and everything else a profile could have. With a huge sequence of letters and numbers next to my photo that its what represents me at this part of the blockchain and be referred, copied and pasted to when asked. I guess...

Ok,  ok. My anxiety its bigger then ever now and I'm reaching my goal at least. 

*VALHALLA! yells the weird guy again*

In order to put my NFTs at the market and sell them, I need to MINT then. I do have to fill a form with some info about the piece at the marketplace that Im selling it. It will make my piece a part of the blockchain system and the NFT will be created. Rarible have it under this link . Look for a big blue button with create or create collectible wroted on it.

Now they put me in a room with two doors. Single or Multiple. I know I have a bag full of wonders rushing to put then at the world, but I need to be humble and cautious, cause I'm steping on unknown ground right now, so its clever to go easily. I've tooked the single one door.

YEAH! I can smell the gold rushing into my veins, the Gods had favored me! Finally the NFT creator form!

The first option its to upload the art itself. I've clicked it at selected the best player that I have.

My ultimate concept original piece of digital art!

Then we have the put on sale options ( SO YES, IM HERE FOR THE GOLD )

Under it, a Instant sale price ( Im starting to became confuse right now, should back to the snake readings soon ) Check yes

And right there my first enemy appears. The price of my art. How much it values? What have I've passed trough to be here at this moment and what have I've done that matters to earn some coins from my artistic point of view?

Some valiant warriors could be stucked in here into an eternal fight, to decide how much their work values. But no! I've been here before. I know this guy and its easier if we do not gave him so much credit. I have lots and lots of art with me, Im new here, remember the words: Humble and Easy.

Lets go low, small. I've decided that 1 its my first number. Lesser than 2 and bigger than Zero. Nice. But one what? Theres a lot of whats to choose. Right next to my simple 1, there goes three letters E T H. Whats this? They look nice together at least. A 90 degrees corners composition. Modern. Cool. But what it means? I've click at it, and it expanded to a list of other letters with symbols. I guessed its the money that im not used to. Damn, so many things to understand. I'm starting to feel the exaustion reaching my bones, but my anxiety level plus all the coffee that I'm drinking until now makes impossible to gave up. But I need guidance now.

Lets make a camp and read that snake material.

Fine, now I got it. Ethers and NFTs. But now my 1 ETH breaks up my Humble Oath, and I've displeased the gods. Its value is almost 2K US dollars. 

Now what? We can fracionated our ETH to small parts? 

Yes, we can! 

So lets find a value that its coerent with my quest demands. 

0.1 stands for 176.84$ at the time. Can this be a minimal for an art piece with work hours, years of study and everything else? At a global market? Im not a popular guy, my reach its humble like me right now. So yes, I guess. The roof of the market were 70 millions, I can be low with almost 200 dollars.

The gods approved my decision.

I could do lower if I divided the piece into copies, to make it more acessible. But for the first one, I want to give it a shot for one piece. So a lucky person could have my incredible creation all for herself and watch it when they showering or having breakfast at her villa. 

So it says under the price that they have a fee of 2.5% for costs each sale. Fair enough.

Lets keep going.

With another coffee bottle, I continued my journey with determination

Now I have to choose my collection to put my art on. They gave me the choice to make one on my own, or goes with a Rarible one, thats already selected. 

I'm a person who likes to have control over my entire process so I've gone with a custom one.

Damn, a hole under me opened up and I'm into another room. It seens easy, so I'd complete the form and went to the next step.

And suddenly my wallet popsup. And WOW. Whats this? Its asking me for a transaction of 0 ETHs, but an almost 1 ETH cost. And of course at the bottom of the message a red sign says: No funds

Damn, I'm defeated by my Humble Oath. I can't afford for this transaction, Im a simple guy right now. I need to back to the other room. 

So I had to forget my custom collection and go with the Rarible choice. So under it, I've put it the name and tech infos of my NFT. 

10% royalties was ok for now.

Easy, humble, easy, humble, easy, humble.

Hit the create button. The sweat increasing, the hearthbeatings increasing, the timestreched happened. Seconds became hours, so loooong.

And suddenly...

...the wallet calls for me again. Oh crap. I've waited for the worse. And there it was. The fees was above my paygrade. I've been charged for something I didnt knew about it. And with my red sign blinking at me, I'm finally defeated. 

I came to a dead end. With no money, I just cant be part of the game. 



I've lost the battle, but I'm a fighter. I'd came here all the way long, Im not going to gave up. Let's find a way. Gonna make my journey trough the internet plains, searching for a answer. And here we go.

Some more lecture about gas, fees, transactions, how the blockchain works.

And then the gods answered my prayers (after I make some sacrificies for cursing then and disbelief of it ways ) sending me a Wise man trough my path. 

Thank gods. Now I can raise my moral and be on the path again.

The wise man showed me some tools to help me with my quest. 

My first tool was the Brave browser that helps me raise some dollars to pay the fees.

Faster then Quicksilver at Wandavision, ( saving that nice scene, the xmen fox franchise is so alwful, and the mcu guy its not that cool. Evan Peters is so great doing it ) 

I've installed it and searched for the money. 

A tough task, but possible way. 

YAY. Im in the game again. I'd have almost one dollar into 3 days ( having satelite internet problems with the ad system of the browser. I do guess it affects the region, that changes a lot, so i'm not elegible for them. But works fine when im at cable connections ) 

So, I can raise some dollar to pay my fees, and be part of the new superstar internet nft artists team again.

VALHALLA! *heres the guy again. I try to call him, but no one answers. Weird*

And then, when I was walking in valley of shadows, slowing raising my BAT tokens, a blue bird cames by. It was sended by the wise man, with a information that changed everything, for me and my humble oath quest. *Starting to review this humble thing.*

A foreigner marketplace with a unspeakable name.

They work with TEZOs ( now I know what this is and they are far away cheaper then the ETH, making my quest easier to be achieved, and the gas and fees are 0.8, thats something around 4 dollars. UHULL. It can be done. IM GAME ) Thanks wise man! Thanks blue bird. Thanks internet. Lets do it. 

So here I came to this new dungeon, the unspeakable temple of HIC ET NUNC.

They have a clean design, few options to click and a nice interface. The wallet part made me a lil lost for a while. You have the option to create one and link it to some social media of your choice. But after all set up, Im ready to Mint my NFT. Go to OBJKTs. Then look for sync button to pair your wallet and be able to receive TEZOS. After thats it will be ready for the drop. 

Put the infos. Simple form. Too simple, but functional. Name, description, tags and amount ( this confuses me for a while. I thought it was the value, but it is how many copies you want of this piece.) There is no money bussiness at this part, and this time I'm already prepared. 2 TEZOs was at my reach ( Thanks again wise man for borrowing me these )

Once its done, I'd hit preview.

It takes me to a preview (!wow) page with the info , my art opened at the screen and the infos below

It says that the fee are 0.08~ tez , much nicer then I thought and the royalties are 10% by default

Clicked at Mint and wait.

Some upper element appears saying that its reaching the wallet. And at the middle of the screen says: 

preparing OBJKT (NFT)


I had a bad time with the wallet interface and the site, cause was diferent from the other wallets Im used too. But after a while, redoing the process (my fault) a few times I've did it. I transfer 0.9 tez to the kukai wallet and I've been able to make the drop, mint ( not used to the terms yet ) but YEAH, I've finally did reached my goal to create mt first NFT DROP ever.

At the end I got it a one shot chance to make a NFT and a few errors happened. For the Kukai pairing troubles (again my fault) I've did the process so many times, that certainly made mistakes at the end. 

The NFT has a title only and the price was not what I've planned for my first item. But, its there now, and I'm very happy and excited to be part of this. 

And here it is my 100% smartphone made Digital Art exclusively for my NFT

Hope someone like it, and help me fix my pc, so I can make bigger ones, again. 

And heres my first adventure comes to a happy ending. I think.

VALHALLA! *still cant find the scream guy*




Thank you for reaching here. Theres no after scene, move on.

Don't do the mister pinky, and please tip as you enjoy it. 

If you want to see some of my production, feel free to follow me at instagram @oaugustocavenaghi









Im an artist with focus on crypto art and parenting with creativity

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