Art created with the help of Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence interpretation of my first Matrix blackout poem - Boundaries.

The artwork accompanying this blog post is the Artificial Intelligence interpretation of the first Matrix blackout poem I created, "boundaries". I was recently introduced to Nightcafe, a platform that allows people to create art with the help of Artificial Intelligence. As a wordsmith, I have always been a little frustrated with my lack of ability to transform my words into images, and have had to rely on images created by other people.

Nightcafe is definitely a game changer. It has already empowered me to transcend my role as a writer to become a visual artist as well. This is in tandem with Nightcafe's mission which is to "democratise art creation."

I think the AI-generated art captures the essence of "boundaries". It's a dark painting which correlates to the concept of "blinding darkness" but there are flashes of colourful light, "blinding darkness with light, flashing faster". The setting looks like a riverbed and there seems to be a river but it's not calm, it looks like it's rushing - "rivers rush to relieve the machine".  Perhaps what has not been captured is the concept of a machine. Still, I think it's a beautiful interpretation of the blackout poem. 



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The Matrix Blackout Poems
The Matrix Blackout Poems

Blackout poems created from The Matrix screenplay.

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