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Boundaries: A blackout poem from the first page of The Matrix screenplay

It took me about an hour to create this blackout poem. I used the Paint program. Another name for blackout poetry is erasure.

“Erasure is a form of found poetry or found object art created by erasing words from an existing text in prose or verse and framing the result on the page as a poem.” - Wikipedia, Erasure (artform)

I used the normal brush to draw around the specific words that I was not going to black out, the oil brush to black out large chunks of the words I wanted to black out and the air brush to black out the areas around the words I was not going to black out.

“The title is the first thing the reader sees or hears…The title forms the basis of the reader’s judgement…” - Tucker Max

The title of the poem is “boundaries”


blinding darkness with light,
flashing faster
running in place?
rivers rush to relieve
the machine.


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The Matrix Blackout Poems
The Matrix Blackout Poems

Blackout poems created from The Matrix screenplay.

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