California Courts are Not Following the Constitutional Republic

By Wolf2015 | The Liberty Blog | 16 Oct 2019

California is under fire for many criminal activities. This is not the everyday citizen. The standard Hotel is now well known for very bad criminal activities. Another problem is the actual representatives of this State are no longer serving the people they are to represent. All one has to do is look around the streets and the homeless problem has become the epidemic.

There is a reason for homeless as well. The California Courts are not allowing Exculpatory evidence such as medical records, and work schedules. I have witnessed first hand that the California courts are just carrying out Kangaroo Court rules. The person that heard the case was not even a Judge, he was a commissioner. The Public defenders, which by the way are suppose to defend the public from their rights violations, are not defending the people but in fact reading a script that was prepared. They should not have to read they should have the evidence and case before them.


I, myself asked to speak with them in regards to exculpatory evidence being withheld and a fraudulent statement made under oath, the public defender avoided me. This is an outrage and they must be informed that "We the People are the true masters over congress and the courts"-Abraham Lincoln.

I am still trying to get justice but here are some articles to back up my experience.


Dydzak Admits California Courts are crooked.


43 Judges were reprimanded for misconduct

Politicians accept crooked courts as the way America is run


As you can see this is not just one person, this is a wide spread disease that has infiltrated the very heart of our republic. They all must be exposed, and they all must be brought to justice. We the people must do what is right and remove them.

For if we stand by and do nothing, we are just as guilty as those criminals destroying our country.


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