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Author, Veteran, Journalist, Investigator, Patriot. Determined to staying Curious as My teacher, who passed, always told me to do. Believe no one, Listen to everyone, but only trust what you yourself can verify with your own research. Never believe anyone

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25 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments Wolf2015

Now before I begin this story, it will truly show why the Main Stream media is completely fake. There has been no coverage of the real investigation into this Pizza-gate situation, the Fake media outlets have quickly debunked it because they themselv...

A Strange gift or the Third Eye Opens.

24 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments Wolf2015

The stories here are a true collection of events. If you can not understand the progression of these strange events and how they transformed me by learning the lessons I needed to learn in life, then you will never understand the Mystery Files becaus...

A Dark Encounter

23 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments Wolf2015

These events happened in the summer of 1989. I was on leave from military service. The events that follow could they be myself standing up to darkness? Maybe overcoming a dark entity? or maybe put simply, was it myself choosing the right side? In the...

The mystery of the letter.

23 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Wolf2015

 The story I am about to share with you is true. It happened when I was in high School, and my Younger brothers were in Elementary school. The year was 1985. We were out walking the dog as we always did after supper. We were walking in the direction...


4 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Wolf2015

 I have written about CRYPTOTAB BROWSER in the past, but what has to be explained here is the browser does earn passive income, it does pay out, and the secret is it does not mine Bitcoin, rather, it mines a CPU mine able coin MONERO (XMR) and it pay...

Covering the Multiple Streams of Income

29 May 2020 1 minute read comments Wolf2015

  The very reason why so many have difficulties in mining cryptocurrency, is mainly due to banking on one coin. You do not need a lot of miners, or mining rigs if you do not have the room. Small MOM and POP shop businesses have thrived for years on t...

The Art of Mining

28 May 2020 1 minute read comments Wolf2015

 There are a lot of real factors to the occupation of being a crypto miner. It is not merely plugging in a miner and connecting it to any pool. It does not matter if you are using GPU, ASIC, or CPU there are some real factors you must consider. We wi...

Mining CPU effective hardware

18 May 2020 1 minute read comments Wolf2015

 I have been asked by many the following question, " What is the best hardware to CPU mine Crypto with?" What I am going to do is outline one of the known computers that is the best in the CPU mining category. Remember, the secret is not the most has...


12 May 2020 1 minute read comments Wolf2015

I am sorry I have not been on But I have undertaken a new project. I will post the link here to the trailer and I am debating where I am going to upload these once they are completed. in Either case I will let you know where it will be. I will be pos...


3 Jan 2020 2 minute read comments Wolf2015

First of all I would like to wish everyone very Happy New Year and I hope it is a prosperous one for you.   I want to cover CPU mining for those that are interested in it. There are many factors to consider before you start.   1. Your personal comput...