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Crypto and tech enthusiast. Into free/open software, privacy and decentralized, self-governed platforms.

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Google brings back the banned LBRY Android app to Playstore

30 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment kasra_mp

A few days ago, we heard the news that Google banned the LBRY Android app from the Playstore due to pornographic materials that turned out to be untrue. As Jeremy Kauffman the CEO of LBRY and Odysee has mentioned in a video they submitted an appeal t...

Google has banned LBRY from Playstore

26 Sep 2020 1 minute read 11 comments kasra_mp

Google has banned the LBRY Android application from Playstore. The news has been announced in a video from the official LBRY account on lbry.tv, by Jeremy Kauffman, CEO of the LBRY and Odysee. For those who do not know, LBRY is a blockchain-based vid...

My feedback on Publish0x dark theme

22 Aug 2020 2 minute read 2 comments kasra_mp

Introduction It's been more than a year ago (thanks to Igor Tomićt for correction) that Publish0x has added the dark theme support to the platform. As someone who is in the software industry and also spends a lot of time in front of the computer, I r...

Why LBRY is the future of video platform

22 Aug 2020 2 minute read 5 comments kasra_mp

I have been aware of LBRY for a few months now but never bothered to sign up with it because I really didn't want to get more emails than I do currently. Additionally, I have seen a lot of garbage YouTube alternatives that more or less I've lost my f...


Google has banned LBRY from Playstore

26 Sep 2020 kasra_mp

27 September 2020
As far as I know the appeal is only visible to whom uploads the app to the Playstore. I don't think it's shareable. I will share if I get more insight.

My feedback on Publish0x dark theme

22 Aug 2020 kasra_mp

22 August 2020
Thanks for the correction. I thought, it's been recently introduced. I will adjust the article.

Why LBRY is the future of video platform

22 Aug 2020 kasra_mp

22 August 2020
The userbase is much smaller compare with any well known video streaming platform. So the view and follow counts are much lower. I also believe it's very niche dependent. By talking with few members in my area of expertise (tech and programming) I came to this conclusion that LBRY is much easier than YouTube to get started. Probably that's not true (at this point at least) for any other mainstream topics.

Why LBRY is the future of video platform

22 Aug 2020 kasra_mp

22 August 2020
Yes there are some hiccups. I've already experiences the pause while video is playing. Hopefully, they get fixed soon.

How to set free upload(doc, images, pdf, zip) for your website

14 Apr 2020 Kavi

14 April 2020
This post has nothing to do with "Brave", "BAT". Remove the unrelated tags and move it to the correct category.

[Tip] - How to earn more BAT with Brave?

25 Mar 2020 Cryptoxe

25 March 2020
I claimed that neither. You mentioned in your post, you don't know whether it existed or not. I gave you a heads up that's not a new feature. FYI changing it to 5 ads per hour does not guarantee that you get 5x more token. It means maximum you get 5 ads per hour.

[Tip] - How to earn more BAT with Brave?

25 Mar 2020 Cryptoxe

25 March 2020
It's not new. Been there long ago.

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