Welcome to the game! now go sit on that corner and wait for your turn to play!

Why can't I Mine!!1one - Alien Worlds - Wax/CPU Newcomer's Guide

"So you have landed on some Alien World, your hands are eager and your trusty shovel is ready to net you some sweet, sweeeeet TLM. With the might of one thousand little green men (they can be REALLY strong but idk really) you plunge your super futuristic tool in the resource-rich ground of this extra-terrestrial landscape. You hear a loud “beeep” through your intercom, it’s your spaceship’s AI asking which ones of these images are parking meters and which ones are traffic lights, after a few tries you get the SpaceCaptcha right and you are already tasting the trillium….aaaand BOOM, OUT OF CPU error!"

 Welcome to the game! now go sit in a corner and wait for your turn to play!

Welcome to the game! Now go sit on that corner and wait for your turn to play, mom said it was my turn now!


Ok, putting my fanfics aside, I wanted to make this guide (and set up this blog, actually) to help newcomers and veterans alike to understand a little more about Alien Worlds, Wax, and the feared CPU error. Any doubt the reader might have about any other topic is probably already answered in another guide. If not, feel free to ask in chat, or even better! Research and make your own guide! The community would totally appreciate that.

What is Alien Worlds? Is it on Netflix?

Alien Worlds is first and foremost a game, a game that is part of a new emerging genre of games you can play and earn some real money on the side. Keep in mind this kind of games are a really new and revolutionary thing, things are being tested, ideas and hopes are being tossed around, we don’t know where this all will go in the future. Will you be able to earn a good living just by playing games? Hell I hope so, but I wouldn’t be quitting my job, just for now.

Ok, why is all this so revolutionary and how can this magic happen? All these games, Alien Worlds included, are based on a technology that’s been making much noise in the last decade. CRYPTOCURRENCIES AND BLOCKCHAIN. You may already have some understanding of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work, and the value ($$$) they hodl. But what is a chain of blocks?

What is this chain of blocks?

In simple words, blockchains are the tech behind the cryptocurrency (and games based on them). A blockchain is in essence a HUGE, DAAAMN HUGE list of every transaction ever made on the network of a certain currency/game. A transaction is any action that has an effect on the system. If I send you 5 WAX/BTC/DOGE, that's a transaction. On Alien Worlds, when you click the “Mine” button, that's a transaction, the “claim” button is another transaction. When you equip a tool or select a new land or find a tasty epic item(NFT’s) that's a transaction too.

To make a better (and simple, tech guys dont kill me please) example, actions/transaction on the WAX blockchain for Alien Worlds could be something like this:

[14:05:03 PLAYER “12341” EQUIPPED ITEM “xxx” in slot “X”

 14:05:06 PLAYER “15151” MINED “xxx” TLM in LAND “XX”

 14:05:11 WALLET “xxx11231” SENT “xxx” WAX to WALLET “xxx14214”]


This example right here is a BLOCK of actions/transactions on the network. The network then VERIFIES(makes sure the actions are true/legal/not duplicates), ENCODES(funny math to ensure no one can alter the data) and RECORDS(saves the block and adds it to the chain so it  can never be altered nor changed again). 

So after all this (interesting but ultimately boring yadda yadda), what's CPU and why can’t I mine?

We have established what a blockchain is, how it works and that any action/transaction performed on it, mining in the game Alien Worlds included, is processed and then saved to a block. The most important part to understand here is that this process is not free, it requires processing power from a computer, computers that host the network and make everything move. Enter the CPU.

CPU, the bane of newcomers:

This is where your CPU comes into play! Your CPU resource in the WAX network is a representation of how much processing power is allocated to your account. Think of it as a kind of “points” system for how many actions/transactions you are permitted to perform on the network. When you reach that limit it means you need to wait for it to replenish before doing anything else (Pro tip: if you keep trying to mine while CPU exceed you are only making the problem worse for yourself, as clicking “mine” IS an action and adds to your cpu usage, which is already over the max. JUST WAIT IT OUT BRO). If your account is new you will notice you run out of CPU or reach the limit almost instantly. Why is that?

When Alien Worlds launched, CPU was hardly an issue because of the low amount of actions/transactions on the network. Now, with more than ONE MILLION players the story is quite different, more processing power is needed from the network to process the incredible amount of transactions happening per second, so people with fewer CPU “points” reach their limits faster. What can be done about that?

CPU can be “staked” with WAX, you can use WAX to stake CPU and get a bigger share of processing power, so you can perform more actions on the network. This staking mechanic is NOT buying, as you can retrieve your WAX anytime you want at the expense of lowering your CPU. Other people, generous people, can stake WAX directly to your account too, see the Infidel WAX Staking Program.

Remember that the busiest the network is at any given moment, the more processing power is being used, and the bigger the share you will need to not encounter the fearsome CPU error.

Infidel Mining CPU Staking Program

Why WAX? This CPU thing feels awful, I can’t even play! SCAAAAAM!

I’m sorry you feel like this, but you have to understand that ANY game based on a blockchain needs computer processing power to properly work, and this NEVER comes free of charge. Computer networks need people maintaining them, energy to run, etc. 

WAX is really the best solution for implementing games on a blockchain, compare this to Bitcoin’s which doesn’t even support NFT’s, or to Ethereum, in which you need to pay a fee IN CASH for every action/transaction you make, just imagine having to pay $30 - $60 worth of ETH every time you mine or switch tools, the game would be played by no one. 

If you take your time to understand how all these systems work and what each one is offering, you will know that right now WAX is the best option for games like Alien Worlds, and once you get some wax to stake and updates are made to the system to alleviate the CPU issues. You can take a few minutes and appreciate how novel and awesome is being able to play a game that lets you earn a few bucks (or MANY a few, if you are lucky) for literally nothing. (Just don’t mind the countless hours we might spend clicking in front of our devices...but I probably would have not done anything better with that time either!)



Well that would be the end of a seemingly endless chain of thoughts. Hope this guide can be of help, if you liked it let me know, if you hated it, also let me know why (if there is a valid reason, if you just hate it and hate me, that's ok! But just be aware you will be competing against my own self hate! And damn that guy is fierce!

Jokes aside, if you enjoyed the reading, I'm glad. If you have any suggestion for anything I might do better or correct, I'm all ears!


Play the game!

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