The Journals of a Space Prospector
The Journals of a Space Prospector

The Journals of a Space Prospector

This blog aims to become a collection of posts, guides, comments and general ramblings about the blockchain-based game Alien Worlds, the most promising title in the rapidly growing list of play-to-earn games. You are a miner working on distant planets far away from old sweet Earth. From sandy beaches to rocky coastlines, icy mountains and active volcanoes, you and your tools working as one to find the most valuable resource in the galaxy, Trillium. Join the Space-Age gold rush!

Journal One - Arrivals, learning the ropes and first encounters!

17 May 2021 5 minute read 0 comments Not_Axolot

Almost a month has passed since I left everything behind and traversed the vast ocean of nothingness between my little dust farm and these brave new worlds. The Federation was offering fast and free accommodation to those willing to work hard and est...

Why can't I Mine!!1one - Alien Worlds - Wax/CPU Newcomer's Guide

12 May 2021 5 minute read 2 comments Not_Axolot

"So you have landed on some Alien World, your hands are eager and your trusty shovel is ready to net you some sweet, sweeeeet TLM. With the might of one thousand little green men (they can be REALLY strong but idk really) you plunge your super futuri...