The Ultimate Guide to earning consistent, easy and passive cryptocurrency on the internet

The Ultimate Guide to earning consistent, easy and passive cryptocurrency on the internet

I am going to preface this article by saying that I will be posting referral links in here, and you don't have to use them if you don't want to, but I would love if you did!


Without further adieu, let's get into the Ultimate Guide for crypto earnings on the internet!



BRAVE BROWSER - This is a chrome based browser, which functions entirely like google chrome. However, the browser is designed for privacy and speed. It has in build ad blockers, and users report a lot of saved memory over chrome. I would recommend just moving to away from Chrome to this in general, regardless of earnings. However, this does also allow users to opt in to receiving ads, which appear as little notifications in the bottom right, and each ad that appears gives the user the opportunity to EARN BASIC ATTENTION TOKENS(BAT) which can then be tipped to verified Brave Publishers or withdrawn and sold. 

Essentially, you earn free cryptocurrency just by your everyday browser usage, and on top of it you get protected from advertisements and trackers. Check it out here :


FREEBITCO.IN - As the name suggests, users can earn free bitcoin on this site. However, this is far better than every other site on the internet.

It has been in business since 2013, and has over 36 million users, which is a great testament to the sites usefulness and legitimacy.


Users can roll every hour to earn BTC for free, and can also gamble to earn more. Plus, once reaching a balance of 0.0003 BTC ($3 USD), users start to earn compounding daily interest on their balance, at 4.08% per annum. Also, when you earn BTC from other sites to be listed below, make sure you choose to cash it out here to maximize your earnings. After all, the more you have, the more you earn.

Also, using my referral earns you more as the site has a cashback option, so some of the commission I earn off you will go back to you, increasing your income. Check it out here :

HIDEOUT.TV - This is a rewards site where the user can have the videos playing, and each ad played between the videos earns them points, which can be cashed out to multiple sites, the best of which I will specify below. As there are unlimited videos, there are unlimited earnings. Check it out here :




COINTIPLY - This is a site which has an hourly faucet to earn some coins, which translate into USD (100 coins = 1 cent). This is also a great place for someone to cash out their earnings. Once a user reaches $3.50, or 35000 coins, they start earning monthly compounding interest on their balance, just like Also, as this site measures balances in USD and not BTC, when the price of BTC is low, I recommend you withdraw from here by using your balance to buy BTC to deposit into Check it out here :


EARNCRYPTO.COM-This is a site where users can earn quite a myriad of different cryptocurrencies, by completing offerwall tasks, cashing out points, or doing data entry jobs, which I found to be easy and a good source of earnings. Personally, I use this site to earn cryptos for staking (more on that later), and also just to earn BTC to put into the other sites. It's a good site to earn a diverse amount of cryptos, but there are better ones overall. Check it out here :



These faucets require work, generally just solving captchas, but are a good way to increase the balance you have on other sites.

COINPOT - This site acts as a "microwallet" for it's related faucets. It gives the ability to earn 5 coins, and also every claim made by users also gives them coinpot tokens, which can be converted back into actual cryptocurrencies. Also users are able to seamlessly convert the coins they earn into other coins, so it's good idea to claim them all and convert them all to your preferred coin, in my case BTC to send to The faucets are : 


ALLCOINS.PW - This is a simple site where users can claim from a faucet every 5 minutes for their preferred cryptocurrency. It's not great, but it's a good way to increase the balances you have for the other sites for passive earning and staking. I personally have withdrawn a lot of ETH for personal use and also TRON for staking.



In this section, we will go over the various sites to stake your cryptocurrencies to earn passive earnings, guaranteed by large cryptocurrency exchanges. 

BINANCE - Everyone knows about Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world. They offer staking on a huge amount of tokens, guaranteeing you a passive income overtime. Why not save for retirement?



Personally, I recommend TRX because it is easy to get, and Algorand because it's the highest paying. Plenty of these tokens are available on and also Also, depositing your earnings from other sites and converting them to staking coins is a great way of making sure you are staking every possible coin on binance.


CRYPTO.COM - This is a mobile exchange and wallet, where many currencies that aren't available to be staked on Binance can be staked, such as BAT which can be earned right here on publish0x. My referral code is yykrtfxy75 if you want to use it :)




Of course, there are plenty of other sites out there which can pay, but these are the ones I know for a fact to be legitimate, as I have been paid out in some form by all of them. 


But what, what about coinbase links? The title of this article includes consistent, and coinbase only ever offers the payments as a one off. All these above sites consistently pay out, so you can continue using them forever and continue to get paid. 


Thanks for reading! Happy earning!


Head programmer of the Miasma cryptocurrency Also write on medium under the name Kayde Smith

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