Good$ News Podcast Giveaway! GNC on Coinbase & How to earn FREE GNC! Good New$ Letter 03-06-21

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Happy Saturday Good$ News Gang

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the GoodDollar/GNC giveaway is still ongoing. We are currently trying to hit 500 subscribers on YouTube and once we do we will be giving away nearly $125 in real prizes. So make sure you have filled out the most recent Questionnaire;

We also produced two really important tutorials related to buying, selling and trading tokens on Fuse Network. The first video to watch if you haven’t already is the introduction to trading on Fuse, and some tips and tricks to make a little extra money. You can find that video tutorial here.

The second video of the week is one of the biggest additions to the Fuse Network to date. GNC is now purchasable at presale prices of $0.008/GNC through Coinbase Commerce. This was set up by me, Micah, for the GNC team and the overall continued success of the platform. Know that when buying through the Coinbase Commerce platform the coins there are priced higher than they currently trade for on FuseSwap. This is on purpose. It is a way for our newly created coin to create value and be able to offer utility going into the future. If you believe in me, or the GNC project or even the Fuse Network as a whole, this is the easiest, cheapest way to get onto the platform for as little as $5. You can find the video for this event here and the full written guide on Publish0x here.

We are also looking for new community members to join and participate in the GNC on Fuse group chats on Telegram. Right now we have a main English channel here, and an Indonesian channel here. We would love to expand to other communities, so if you have the desire to get involved in a quickly evolving project, and you would like to make some crypto while doing so, please send the GNC team an email at [email protected].

For GNC we have also started up our XP faucet!! How does it work? For each chat you send in the group chat, you earn a certain amount of XP (1-12XP) per message once, every 1-4 minutes. So you don’t get XP for spamming but you do get XP for normal conversations and the like. How does this XP turn into GNC??

Once you hit level 25 you can cash out your XP and reset your level back to level 1. When you do that you receive 2500 GNC! But that will take a little while, how else can you earn GNC right now? Well in the same chat system we have a jackpot bonus that gets handed out approximately 1;1000 messages. When a user hits the jackpot they can immediately cash out the XP they have earned and reset their level right then and there.

There are also fun trading events, daily quizzes and just a fun group of community members really trying to make this work. Come join us if you want to see the birth of a crypto in the darkest, yet funniest ways possible.

I hope you enjoyed and read my letter. Feel free to write me back with any ideas or suggestions for next week's community newsletter. Until next time friends have a safe week, be kind to each other, and let's make this DeFI Revolution happen.

Micah Dewey

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The Good$ News Podcast with Micah Dewey
The Good$ News Podcast with Micah Dewey

I will be posting the unedited show notes from my podcasts here on Publish0x. They are from the GoodDollar and Fuse Network show the Good$ News Podcast. There may be more in depth tutorials as time goes on but as for now it will be for the most part unedited scripts with show notes.

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