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By Pantera1 | The Future of Finance | 9 May 2021

Merchant adoption is of utmost importance for the Bitcoin Cash network. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin Cash has reached very high numbers in transactions and the blockchain has performed exceptionally.

In previous articles, I covered some onboarding campaigns and initiatives for increasing Bitcoin Cash awareness and attracting new users and businesses accepting BCH as a payment method. In this post, we explore Satoshi's Angels and the group's support and services offerred to Bitcoin Cash.

Akane Yokoo and Cindy Wang are the two founders of Satoshi's Angels, a team of cryptocurrency and marketing experts, focused on increasing brand awareness and maximize user growth for Bitcoin Cash and related projects, using various educational and promotional activities.


Akane Yokoo & Cindy Wang

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‘‘A single spark can start a prairie fire. The voice of each and every person at the crypto community shall be heard And Satoshi’s Angels commits to making that happen.’’

-Jihan Wu


Global Merchant Adoption Campaign


Source: Satoshi's Angels

@SatoshisAngels has this onboarding campaign running, that pays up to $30 for each new merchant that will begin accepting Bitcoin Cash in their business. The campaign started in December 2020 and will last until the fund is exhausted.

Get a new business to accept BCH with any BCH payment tools:

  1. List the business on a directory, such as Bitcoin.comMapsAnypayGoCrypto

  2. Get an extra $5 tweeting the business info, a photo while using the hashtag#acceptBCH and tagging @SatoshiAngels. Participant’s tweet must include a photo or video with clear evidence the merchant is accepting BCH.
    For example: request a video or photo of the merchant and/or participant during the explanation of how to use the wallet or showing the merchant’s new BCH wallet.

  3. Submit the business information (form or email)

  4. Get paid 

This campaign is open for all countries, and not limited in the number of businesses one may onboard. The full guide on how to successfully participate in this campaign is here.

Some worth notes for this campaign participants:

  • The business must not be accepting Bitcoin Cash already.
  • Both physical stores and online businesses are accepted
  • Tweet with a photo or better, a video and hashtag #AcceptBCH, tagging @SatoshiAngels

Read the complete guide on the Satoshi Angels website (direct link) because there are important details you need to know.

Payments are different depending on locations with an extra $5 for a tweet with a picture or video of the onboarding process.

  • North America - $25
  • Europe - $25
  • South America - $10
  • Australia & New Zealand - $25
  • Southeast Asia $15
  • East Asia (China $15, Korea $25, Japan $25)
  • Central Asia (Russia etc) $15
  • South Asia (India etc) $10
  • Middle East $15
  • Africa $10

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GoCrypto Campaign


Source: Satoshi's Angels

A second campaign running by Satoshi's Angels is the GoCrypto campaign targetting businesses and merchants in Japan and Thailand with an offer of 3000 yen for every business that registers with GoCrypto.

The GoCrypto payment services offer payments in cryptocurrencies (BCH, BTC, ETH) and payments to a merchant account in fiat currency.

It is a way for businesses to accept cryptocurrency without having the concern of price volatility.

More information on this campaign here.

These two campaigns (Global Merchant Adoption and GoCrypto) can't be combined. The GoCrypto campaign may end without notice.


Want to know how to onboard businesses and merchants?

Roger Ver gives the perfect guide in this 10-minute video:

Take this onboarding course by "Bitcoin Jesus" the top Bitcoin evangelist, one of the people that helped Bitcoin reach the current status of brand recognition, and one of the top promoters for Bitcoin Cash. It takes just 5-10 minutes for merchants to completely understand how to use a wallet and be ready to enter the digital payments revolution.



The point of making this post is, first of all, to give attention to this group's efforts in promoting Bitcoin Cash, and secondly to help a few Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts find an opportunity and try to increase Bitcoin Cash adoption in their location.

Satoshi's Angels offer these two campaigns for the time being but also has a lot of tools in the arsenal that is used for Bitcoin Cash promotional activities and very frequently plan meetups held in Bitcoin Cash accepting businesses.

It is worth following Satoshi's Angels on social media and the official website.

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