What I Earned in my First 30 Days as a Writer for PublishOx, Plus Noise.Cash and Brave Browser

What I Earned in my First 30 Days as a Writer for PublishOx, Plus Noise.Cash and Brave Browser

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 4 Mar 2021

Recently, I finished my first month as a writer here. It has been really, really fun, and a lot of work. I will get to the numbers, don't worry, but let me start by saying that compared to anything else I do with my professional time, practically everything I have done so far in Cryptoworld is a bad idea from a wage standpoint. Like, pennies per hour, if I'm lucky! So, there must be something more than money behind why I want to write here, click little Scroogey faucets, and mine trace amounts of a coin that can be turned into trace amounts of different coin that can be turned into trace amounts of yet another coin, which can finally be turned into trace amounts of fiat if I choose (I'm looking at you AlienWorlds TLM!). I wrote a couple of articles about why it is important to own our motivations and get sorted on our goals for Cryptoworld as a way of laying out my perspective, which should make it clear why I wanted to write for PublishOx. Fun and Learning are reasons enough for me!

How Did I Get Here?

I am a noob. I confess, freely admit, and actually see that as a strength. I bring fresh (and easily confused) eyes to Cryptoworld, make mistakes that the experts on PublishOx forgot could even be attempted, and have no sense of embarrassment getting fascinated by stuff that experienced traders and swashbucklers of LPs, DEFI, farming, pair staking, ICOs, and a million other complicated things find too silly to bother with. I am Noob, hear me mutter in confusion!

I stumbled on PublishOx in an early burst of I-can't-believe-they-give-away-free-cryptocurrency-on-the-internet enthusiasm. I knew about ETH and BAT from Brave browser and a news story I heard on the radio (an actual radio, not a streaming feed) about people staking ETH and earning interest. Interest is code to my reptilian brain meaning FREE! So, I thought that getting FREE ETH would be great. Little did I know how trying to get free ETH on PublishOx would shift my entire perspective on Cryptoworld!

As ignorant as I still am, I have learned so much valuable perspective, information, and methods for being more involved in the crypto space as a reader here. However, as I tried to take those next steps -- get off Coinbase, escape the ERC-20 ecosystem, dig into farming, and so on -- I kept running into weird problems that more advanced people could troubleshoot in seconds. I also felt a lot more anxiety than more experience folks about how often Cryptoworld sends you to sites, apps, and advice that seem often ludicrous, frequently shabby, and sometimes shady. Other than some of the prestige names, Cryptoworld looks like it was thrown together by my Uncle Larry and his drinking buddies, with help from some skateboarders who got into their mom's medical marijuana stash. So, as someone more used to meeting financial advisors (boo!) and bankers (double boo!) at their offices while settling into chairs upholstered in soft leather (boo! oh, did we stop doing that?), I take things a little more slowly than other folks. 

So, that's me, and that's my angle. I'm here to help people waste less time and avoid some pitfalls of taking some initial steps into Cryptoworld. 

Does anyone care though? And, can their care be quantified in cryptotips? 

The Numbers

I published my first piece on 7 February. The world yawned. As I type this, it has 81 views and earned me a fat $.05. Yeah. But I stand by the piece, it lays out the psychology of a traditional person exploring the world of cryptocurrency. If you want crypto to become mainstream and sell your Paris Hilton NFT to someone with money and bad taste, you can do worse that to skim that early post. You could be reader #82, that's still a low mint number! haha

So, in a little less than a real month, my little body of 16 articles here was encouraged by generous tips totaling about $25.00 I would give you more exact numbers, but it moves around a bit and I forgot to screenshot the exact token count. 

More exciting, I withdrew my first $5 in ETH (for what I hoped would be enough for gas fees to get those effing USDC turned into BNB...you know how that story turns out) and it really went to my wallet. How frigging cool is that??

I also joined the very interesting and very devoted community over at Noise.Cash. I still have no clue where the money comes from, but FreeTips show up in my account, and I tip people who create original, pretty, funny, informative, or inspiring posts. I keep a portion of those tips, just like folks here on PublishOx do, and people (mostly other folks from PublishOx believe it or not...see, I told you this is an awesome place!). Each tiny tip portion gets quickly zoomed over to my Celsius wallet in the form of Bitcoin Cash, to earn even tinier bits of interest. I would strongly encourage you to head over there and start tipping, being tipped, and meeting the most enthusiastic bunch of BCH Believers I've ever met! Grand total for me is about $4.00.

As a bonus, I'm going to throw in my BAT earnings from Brave Browser. I'm feeling nostalgic, and Brave was my original crypto gateway drug. Between mobile and desktop, I earned around 9.120 BAT, which we'll call about $7. 

The Total

PublishOx = ~$25.00

Noise.Cash = ~$4.00

Brave Browser = ~$7.00

So, is it worth it? Is spending hours and hours working on articles and clicking around on Brave and doling out tips worth it? From a wage standpoint, Hell. No. Not even for the amount of time it takes for me to make my memes. For making more noticeable amounts of free cryptocurrency, I'll stick to my trusty Faucet-Plus sites, Cointiply and BetFury, and being paid interest by the exchanges, BlockFi and Celsius.

But is writing worth it from my perspective of having fun learning about this new fascination of mine? HELL YEAH!!! I'm proud and happy that people find value in what I do here, whether that's information or entertainment, and I enjoy trying to contribute in my own little way.

Thanks to all of YOU for making it worth it!


I won't do this every month, but since this is my first look back at writing here, I thought it would be fun to look at some of my highlights and lowlights. So, if you want to read some of my earlier posts, I've linked them here, with an emphasis on "overlooked gems" haha!

BetFury - How to use the site to earn free crypto, no gambling necessary, as well as a post on the epic partnership of BetFury and BNB that is officially my least-read post! (No easy feat!)

Cointiply - How I earned $50 in 3 weeks on the site (it's now over $120 total in my actual wallet)

My famously ignored first post!

My almost totally unread angry rant about CAPTCHA Hell!

And, finally, my MOST DISLIKED ARTICLE EVER comparing various shitty cryptofaucets (concluding that Cointiply kicks all their asses). Hahaha, it also was my MOST LIKED ARTICLE EVER, so there's that :)


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