Your Investing Inner Strength in the Face of Flamedowns and Distractions: Own Your Motivation

Your Investing Inner Strength in the Face of Flamedowns and Distractions: Own Your Motivation

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 2 Mar 2021

The Takeaway

  • Disagreement is good, it's how we learn, and also why you can sell your crypto to someone who values it more than you!
  • With 8,000+ coins and dozens of plays per coin, you need to focus on what drives you
  • Owning your motivation can help you stay happy and in control

Since beginning to write about Cryptoworld not too long ago, I have been treated with immense kindness and patience. That has been true here, over on, on the Telegram channels for various blockchain games I am trying to understand...pretty much everywhere! I know it is difficult for experienced crypto traders and experts to see value in my explorations of basic-basic stuff, and to be patient when I try to illuminate some of the quirks and brambles of their Cryptoworld with Noob-colored glasses. And yet, they generally are. I appreciate that they are willing to be nice and lay out welcome mats to new explorers like me.

From my experience, the experts and pros who really have a plan and really know what they are doing don't see folks like me as any kind of threat. They just want to share their love of this space, and actually seem really good at doling out just enough knowledge to lead me one step deeper down the rabbithole. For example, I own 7 glamorous rectangles in Upland and I am staking AlienWorld NFTs to R-Planet to earn Aether right now and I honestly couldn't explain why I am doing it other than the fact that other writers made it sound fun! (and it kind of is)

There are others out there who probably wish I'd eff off and let Cryptoland go back to the private, hidden, pre-Microstrategy world they enjoyed. I have total sympathy for that view. It's like your favorite hole in the wall restaurant getting swarmed by people taking selfies and you have to wait a freaking hour for a croissant or burrito. I think I get it. Noobs like me add volatility, clog up transactions, ask stupid questions, and tarnish some of the cachet of being in Cryptoworld. I'm sorry for that and am trying to demoronify myself as I learn. I truly am fascinated by this world that you all are creating and want to be an good citizen.

Then there are those who just seem to have learned to relate to the world through snark and burns and trolling and all that. I can't do anything for those folks who want to lug all that baggage around, dumping their dirty socks and rotting banana peels wherever they go. I really haven't encountered too much of that, although I did get one comment on an early post that mocked me for discussing free cryptofaucets, told me to get a job (ok boomer!), and seemed to embrace the view that if an action can't make a person a millionaire then it was a waste of time. That's of course a silly view, and I don't know if the commenter really meant it. We can't possibly make every decision in life based on whether it makes us a millionaire. You could never justify the choice to brush your teeth, buy new underwear, or make real friends, among many other non-profitable sinkholes of non-millionairiness.

We do things for lots of reasons, and you are the one who owns those reasons at the end of the day.

When I looked at this person's previous activity, it was almost all like this - making fun of something or belittling something. Snark, but by internet standards, very civil. Useless, yes, but civil. I don't know where this person was coming from, or what motivated him. I don't know what motivates a lot of people in this world. An exception to this befuddlement is that many of the writers here are very transparent about their plans, goals, and progress. We owe folks like that a lot of thanks for being clear about why they are writing what they are writing, and helping readers see where they are coming from.

Regardless of where people are coming from, I think we all will get pushback and disagreement when we share our views. That is universal. We are all different in ways sometimes subtle, sometimes massive. I honestly think that's great. Imagine a Cryptoworld where everyone thought exactly like you...everyone was convinced that HobbitCoin (of course that's a real thing) was going to take the throne from BTC. There would be no way to make money, right? HobbitCoin would be impossible to buy or sell because people would agree on its value. The only reason I can get in on the ground floor with the incredibly promising and alluring FerarriBulgariCoin (not a real thing), and take profits at 10,000% is because people disagreed with me at the beginning or the end of my investment cycle.

So, when people disagree with us, it is good. Even for snarky millionaire guy, it's harmless good fun (I mean, without that wisdom how would I ever know that being a millionaire is nice! Hahaha, I'm being snarky, too!). 

The real issue isn't whether disagreement exists, it is about its effects on your strategy and motivation for being in Cryptoworld in the first place. It can be easy to second-guess yourself in this space where, I don't know, 100 people maybe own 95% of the wealth and the rest of us chase around trying to surf the tsunamis of their moves.

Pushback can make you question things that you enjoy or are interested in or even just need to do. Whether you are here to invest, to have fun, to join a community, or some other reason, one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself is to really know - and own - your motivations. You can't be everything to everyone, and you can't be smart about every coin and every crypto play. Let other people rock out to HobbitCoin and Bitcoin futures, and if that's not your jam, own that. I am happy to own my cheap ass approach to crypto, trying whenever possible to get crypto for free. I know at some point I will understand enough to trade and really take command of a crypto portfolio, but right now, that sounds like a boring pain and it is more fun to imagine what I'm going to do with the 22 Aether I have on R-Planet (haha, I know... nothing!)

So, ask yourself a couple of questions about why you are here in Cryptoworld:

1. What is the most rewarding part about Cryptoworld? Is it the data-rich environment? Is it candles and wicks? Is it trading on the volatility? Is it NFTs and gaming? Is it the many food-based coins you can invest in? Is it decentralization? Is it privacy? Is it the way that few things seem to piss off institutional bankers better than this? 

  • Lean into the rewarding parts! Let yourself go nuts like a pair of hologram Kardashians finally getting some alone time!

2. What is the most demoralizing part about Cryptoworld? Is it losing money? Is it knowing other people got in before you? Is it waiting for gas fees to normalize? Is it the complicated jargon? Is it the liars and scammers out there? Is it paralysis in the face of so many choices? Is it only finding out in a comments section that being a millionaire is a good idea? (callback!)

  • Learn your weakness! Anticipate when you are most likely to feel demoralized, when you are most likely to get down on yourself, because that is when you are most likely to make crazy decisions that you might just regret later.

3. How long do you intend to be in Cryptoworld? Is it a few weeks? Is it until the end of the bull market? Is it until you're done with university? Is it until your retirement or pension benefits can be tapped? Is it forever? Is it until your spouse finds out you spent the clothing budget, gas money, and vacation fund on FerarriBulgariCoin (again, not a thing, but I can't wait for it to pump!)?

  • Lead yourself the right way! Short term motivation can be bought on the cheap. Wine, chocolate, the joy of purchasing one of my many fine properties in pretend-Fresno on Upland! Any of these things can get us through motivational slumps for a little while. Long term motivation needs to be powered by stronger stuff, like relationships, curiosity, sense of duty, or solid habits. Figure out which you need to be motivated to pursue your Cryptoland goals.

Some of this is easier said than done. I mean, when I launch FerarriBulgariCoin 4Realz you are going to dump your HobbitCoin and pile on, even if your main motivation is to become a whale property owner on Upland!

I'm just kidding, of course. You're the expert on you. No one has ever been you before, trying to do the you things in this world. Own that.

I hope the time you invest into taking charge of your motivations will help you achieve your goals, see disagreement as a good thing, and stay happy and in control!


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