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Digital Artwork #2

AH! I missed a day already! And the sad part is, I finished this piece two days ago. Ah, it's okay. That means I need to post 3 of these this weekend :) Here is another artwork I have created that I want to share with you all. I am a muralist/painter and have recently delved more into digital art as I am literally over making and cleaning up a mess of paint haha. I hope you enjoy it! If you have a name for this piece, comment it below!b7b28985f4215f04820a95e5838690e8e4a5b180ee86fc0ccec9c160104ec7ea.png

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The Mixed Hippie
The Mixed Hippie

I am a human being with a heart the size of the universe.

The Evolving Nature of Art
The Evolving Nature of Art

The goal with this blog is to create daily digital art over the next year fully to see how much my process and style evolves!

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