Cryptocurrency - Lowest Network Fees | WithDraw | Everyone Know That to Save Crypto |

Cryptocurrency - Lowest Network Fees | WithDraw | Everyone Know That to Save Crypto |

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 23 Aug 2021

Hey Everyone, welcome back to My blog Crypto Times and Hope you guys are doing good. This Article on CryptoCurrecy those have the lowest Network Fees.

Many Of the People involve in Cryptocurrecny but During Withdraw, they are Confused Due to the Network Fees is Different For Each Currency. For Example, if you Want to Withdraw or Send Crypto in Ethereum and Its Blockchain’s Coin, the Network Fee is more than $12. But If You Used Some other Coins, then Network Fees is less than $0.


Note/ Trick: if you Want To Save Crypto During Sending to other peoples. For Example, You want to send Bitcoin from Coinbase To another Exchange. If you transfer Direct in Bitcoin Form then the Fees is So high, But if you Converted to Other Coins having very few Network Fees, then You Save a lot of the Income.

Crypto Transaction Fees

It is the Fees is required to transfer Cryptocurrecny from One account to Another. It Changes from Coin to Coin. The Reason for Transaction Fees is to Validated the transaction in BlockChain.

Type of Transaction Fees

  1. Network Fees: It is Incentive for the Miner on the Network. 
  2. Crypto Exchange Fees: These Fees help to Generate Revenue to the People who mage those Coin
  3. Wallet Fees: These fees vary from Wallet to wallet and help to maintain the Software.

CryptoCurrency- Lowest transactional Fees

  1. Ethereum Classic: $0.00023
  2. Bitcoin SV: $0.0005
  3. Bitcoin Gold: $0.00063
  4. ReddCoin: $0.00089
  5. VertCoin: $0.002
  6. Bitcoin Cash: 0.0025 USD
  7. Dash: $0.0051
  8. Litecoin: $0.042
  9. Doge: $0.242 


Mostly I used Dash Coin, To Reduce the Fees During Transaction. Because Dash Adapted by Most of The Exchange Platform.

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Important notes: Binance Listed the Harvest Farm, So used Binance to Withdraw the Publish0x Earning.

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