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Prophetic Dreams About Gold, Silver & Cryptos

By Krypto Fan | The Crypto Revolution | 17 May 2020


Everything mentioned in this article is as a result
of various dreams that I've had over the years.
I was a bit hesitant to share them at first because
dreams can be unreliable sometimes due to the
collective timeline being malleable. However
I've decided to share since I've already posted
a portion on social media years ago and I would
just hate for any of them to come true without
first sharing. Let me first state that I am not a Prophet,
just an ordinary man who really loves God.
Please first ask God for yourself concerning anything
that will be mentioned below. I have been given
many dreams, some clearer than others and many
have already come to pass including this Coronavirus.
(Back in 2008 while living in Homestead south Florida
God showed me clearly that in the years to come
that the elites would release a virus that would
kill many people who had underlying health issues)
Some did not come to pass as I expected them to
and others are yet to be fulfilled.

I dreamt that Gold was at $5000

I Dreamt that Silver was at $360

I Dreamt that silver buyers will accept only those silver
coins that have the security feature engraved on them.

I Dreamt that when the silver price rises the US government
will take steps to try and confiscate or regulate it as much
as they can.


I Dreamt that either BTC or the Stock market will BOTTOM
at $2000. (Note, this may coincide with the coming stock
market crash since BTC is still "married" to the stock market)
I'm not sure which one went to 2k tho. But I personally think
it will be BTC and that will be a great buying opportunity
before a record-breaking bull run.


I Dreamt that Litecoin was at #2 spot on Coinmarketcap

I Dreamt that ETNs 24hr trading Vol would go to $1,000,000
and my dream was fulfilled in 3 DAYS! That was after ETNs
24 hr vol was stagnant for many months possibly years.
I was amazed!

I Dreamt that people will be going to work for Reddcoins

I Dreamt that God is literally behind the ADA coin.
(i don't know what to make of this dream because it
was so random. But that's what I saw.) I literally
saw God inside the "Cardano factory" in this dream.
whaaaaaat????? I don't know but I'm gonna grab me
a boatload of ADA as soon as I can.

VOLCANIC ERUPTION/Precious Metals/Stock Markets
I Dreamt that I saw a massive volcanic eruption somewhere
in America, I can still see the lava spewing several meters up
in the air as I type this. And it made a lava river. It was very
frightening and caused great panic throughout the nation.
I'm not sure if that's what caused it but at the same time
the stock markets crashed and the price of gold and silver
took off like Usain Bolt.


I Dreamt that I became so rich that I bought 2 Ferraris
at the same time. I bought one that cost over $1,000,000
and another which was cheaper. I bought them like buying
two biscuits. It didn't affect my pocket at all. I have been
working a couple of years now exclusively for cryptos so I'm
basically broke cause I have no cash but on the other hand
God is showing me that it will prove to be a very profitable
and wise decision.

I Dreamt that I saw Mt Popocatepetl erupted so powerfully
that it blew the ENTIRE CONE CLEAR OFF! The eruption was
so powerful that it shook the Caribbean sea and threatened
the area with Tsunamis. In the dream, it happened in summer
time. This experience was so terrible I hope I never live to
see it. But I'm afraid it will happen for this was more than a dream,
it falls in the vision category.












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