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By m3ss | The Crypto-Gaming Guild | 8 Apr 2021

Welcome, one and all, to the first in a long series of set-up guides for the crypto-games all of us here at The Crypto-Gamers Guild play each day. As some of these games are in very early stages and nearly all of them are using currently evolving technology and communities we hope this service will bring more people into crypto-gaming as a whole. For our first week we wanted to go with something anyone with a little BTC and a dream can pick up: ROLLERCOIN!


Imagine every time you walked into your kitchen there was a nickle in the sitting on the windowsill. After pocketing it a few times your pants start to jingle and you notice there is a nickel there dozens of times a day. But it's just a nickle, should you even waste your time grabbing it? If you think the answer to this question is obviously "YES!" RollerCoin might be for you.

Put simply RollerCoin is a cryptocurrency mining simulation game where you earn crypto over time for playing some mini-games whenever works for you. While this is not really the kind of game The Crypto-Gaming Guild usually specializes in but the fact that the simulator runs 24 hours a day in the background, has a convenient phone app, and that RollerCoin has seen years of steady constant development caught out eye. You can even choose between mining BTC, ETH, DOGE, or RLT!

To get RollerCoin set up you'll want a little start-up BTC or RLT (the in-game token). After locating your in-game wallet and making your first deposit you are ready to buy a rack and some miner! I got started in RollerCoin on less than $40 in BTC so please don't think this is a game just for whales. When it comes to picking which miners to use the rule of thumb seems to be that all event themed miners are a bit better than the normal so, if you can grab them when an event comes around, you are going to want to though the normal miners are more than good enough to start out. No need to wait for an event to buy in.


Once your rack and miners are set up you are going to want to play a few games to get your power cranked up! There are plenty to choose from and I'm sure you'll soon find 2-3 that you enjoy chaining through for 10-15 minutes a day. After a long day at work I find Coin-Flip extremely relaxing and I have a head injury that makes these kind of games very useful for keeping my memory sharp!


In the simplest possible terms the number and quality of miners you have will determine a production rate. You will then boost your production rate by playing games. This boost will (within a few hours of play) last for 5 days as long as you log in each day for a few games.

This game also has a PLAY Store app which I highly recommend. Earning crypto while you poop? Yes, please!

There is a ton of simple complexity to the math for this game and I encourage you to dig in if you are interested. It's complicated but in no way needlessly complex. If you want to earn more you can switch to mining one of the coins fewer others are so each block reward will give you a higher percent. Due to the issues with fees no one is mining ETH right now so I just switched over and am really happy with the rate. 


RollerCoin is simple but IMHO a great place to start in crypto-gaming. I play a variety of very simple titles like this which I often use to fund the mother more complex games I play. My first collection of Splinterlands cards were bought with winnings on and Rising Star, for example! I want to be honest that if you get hooked on this game I will get a very small portion of what you make as profit from the game as a referral bonus. This is not taken from you, why I love this game, or really that unique in the space. That said I believe in transparency and wanted to mention it right away.

There are huge things happening in crypto-world: Lost Relics is back, BAT in Splinterlands, Splinterlands on BSC, Alien Worlds on Binance, SoS launching soon, and even a alpha date for CHAINMONSTERS coming soon. What a time to be a crypto-gamer! I'll makle sure to keep these start-up guides coming as often as life allows. As always you are all invited to join us over on The Crypto-Gaming Guild Discord.

Until next time friends!

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