The sign on the Talmuth Job board had described the meeting as a class in Dungeoneering 101 and simply given a location, date

[Lost Relics] Dungeoneering 101: Basic Dungeon Diving Tools - Are you even TIER ONE, bro?

By m3ss | The Crypto-Gaming Guild | 31 Oct 2021



The sign on the Talmuth Job board had described the meeting as a class in Dungeoneering 101 and simply given a location, date and, time. Odd enough to do it night by the old Hanging Tree but on All Hallows Eve? The teacher would likely be an odd sort but, the less experienced travelers (and rabble) who had recently traveled to Talmuth still showed up in droves. All knew of the legendary Lost Relics and so many had left their homes and old lives back looking for any chance at them. Maybe, for some, this class seemed like that chance.


All at once, like a phantom, a thin Lizard Man in a stunning blue robe stepped out from behind the tree. How long had he been standing there?

"I appreciate you taking the time to met me here. Your time will not be wasted, I am M3ss the Swordsman, many of you will have no doubt heard tales of mines. That is not my concern. My concern is that many of you have been making a mess of my dungeons and this will no longer be allowed.

Now, I'm not going to waste my time teaching each of you how to swing a sword or or how many hacks two watchers and a skulk will take to kill. What I want to lay out today is an extremely simply guide to what you should all be working towards if you have the goal of becoming the competent dungeoneers who will stay alive long enough to find Lost Relics.

What should you be bringing into a dungeon? The same thing I do!!


Folks, this is what we are going to be calling a set of TIER ONE DUNGEONEERING GEAR.

This does not mean that you cannot start a mission without this full set, simply that you should not feel fully equipped until you have this full set of items. This includes:

Criminal or Guards Katana (820g)
Guards Bow or Longbow (725g)
Feeble Ring of Rejuvenation (32,000g)
Feeble Ring of Vitality (30,000g)
Weak Ring of Rejuvenation (3800g)
Weak Ring of Vitality (2300g)

A full set of the best tools you can use

I hear a lot of people talking about how the hunt for the Lost Relics is boring overly difficult or straight up impossible yet every day I see folks walking into the dungeon under equipped. As someone who has been exploring the dungeon networks under Talmuth for over a year I wanted to help!

So, adventurers, I want to see all of you out there trying to line up this first set of items as quickly as possible. If the exploration does not feel a lot more structured after that, hell, quit. More loot for me!

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