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By BTCghost | The Crypt | 14 Oct 2019


When I first heard of the Metamask extension for Firefox and Chrome a while back, there were mixed reviews on it. The more critical reviews revolved around concerns regarding privacy and security, and some people just appeared to not have the technical know how to operate it properly. I've used the extension without issue for a while now, but I never really saw much need for it because until recently, there hadn't been a way to link a hardware wallet to it. Fast forward to today, I was looking through the Google Play store when I found a beta testing version of the Metamask application for Android.

Overall the app seems very efficient and has a brilliant GUI. Easy to understand, includes all the features that the web browser extension carries, plus it has a built in dapp browser with some preloaded URLs pointing to sites that can earn users cryptocurrency, invest, play games, exchange and blog with.

Built in dapp browser.


Side drawer menu...



Gas prices...



This beta version of Metamask is quite impressive. Almost could use it as an educational tool for new crypto users. It clearly points out gas fees associated with sending crypto and allows modification if needed. It also includes additional options for advanced users. Some apps feel the need to almost hide these options, or bury them in advanced settings (ahem...bitpay).


Settings and More Settings...






If you're familiar with the extension for Chrome and Firefox you'll see that these menu options and advanced configuration capabilities are almost exactly identical, if not maybe a little more detailed and clearer to understand. Also, just as you can in the browser version, you can add custom mainnets if needed.


Secured with multiple options for user authentication.




Overall this is an incredible app, a homerun for a beta, definitely worth a look for any cryptocurrency user. Trust Wallet is designed very similarly, and if it wasn't for the fact that Trust Wallet is "Binance-Ready", I would say Metamask is the clear winner here based on functionality and design. Metamask for Android has the ability to easily sync to your already existing extension for Firefox or Chrome, so if you have inventory in the extension, no worries, you can still use both, syncing with the app just creates a clone of your already existing wallet from the browser. And one of the best features, available in both the browser and the Android version, the ability to seamlessly generate new ethereum addresses at will.  Many ETH wallet providers do not offer a simple way of generating a new wallet address, or allow more than one or two within the same wallet. Like Trust Wallet, Metamask is, of course, ERC20 token friendly. This is a definite download for any crypto enthusiast whether you are a beginner or advanced user. Even if you just play around with it, completely worth checking out. Kudos to the developers on this one, they did a great job.


Dude... Night mode...



If I had to list one grievance with the app it is that I do not see a night mode option.

I am a vampire.

I require darkness.



In all seriousness though, my opinion, any legit app has to include a dark mode if they are going to keep it 100.  I'm sure the developers will get on that soon. After all this is only the beta version.  Also, I am aware that earlier in the year there was a fake Metamask app on the Play Store that stole user funds. Story here.  It appears this time, the beta is legitimate and was released by the actual developers of the real Metamask, but beware of imitators.  This Metamask for Play Store link is direct from the Metamask twitter feed and website.  Also, here is an article from Bitstarz News in July discussing the beta release.

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