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Crypto and Mystery.

I'm Bitman

14 Feb 2020 14 minute read comments BTCghost

In a podcast published about 2 weeks ago by Third Row Tesla's YouTube account, Elon Musk reveals and expands on what has been up until now, his otherwise annoyingly guarded views regarding cryptocurrency. Despite some obvious grumblings from a few "...

Surveillance Starter Kit

6 Jan 2020 3 minute read comments BTCghost

I have recently become more interested in setting up and further educating myself on security & surveillance equipment to install in my home and office. It seems that just about everywhere a human might go these days, we are captured on video or aud...

NSA Black Ops, Google Overwatch & Sleeper Agents

20 Dec 2019 8 minute read comments BTCghost

I love conspiracy theories. What was once considered a viewpoint only deemed fit for the likes of hippies and tinfoil hat lunatics, has now become not only accepted, but expected in many circles of society. Not saying I'm a believer of such tales, o...

Metamask Beta for Android

14 Oct 2019 2 minute read comments BTCghost

When I first heard of the Metamask extension for Firefox and Chrome a while back, there were mixed reviews on it. The more critical reviews revolved around concerns regarding privacy and security, and some people just appeared to not have the techni...