How should you be spending your precious CEO time?
How should you be spending your precious CEO time?

How should you be spending your precious CEO time?

By Quick silver | The CEO academy | 12 Sep 2021

Now that you got yourself a personal assistant and an intern and you are looking for a co-founder, let’s discuss how you should be spending your time. If you haven’t, check my previous post on the importance of building the right team.

How should your day look like? 

  • Get up early-ish
  • Hit the gym. While you are at it, check your email, check the news, check social media*, do your book summary “reading” on InstaRead, Blinkist, storyShots, and the like.
  • Have breakfast at a trendy place downtown. It is good for networking, and you deserve it! Above all, you deserve it!
  • Head to the office. 
  • Check what is going on. It is your duty to micromanage. It is your duty to have an opinion on everything and anything. You have been listening to all of those audiobook summaries, you are a thought leader, show them!
  • Share your vision. Challenge their mind-reading powers.
  • Have lunch. Never lunch alone. Have lunches at trendy places with influential people -at least try-. Indulge yourself, you deserve it.
  • After lunch and all of that networking, you need some alone time. Meditate, jerk off, do some dope, hit the gym again, whatever feels good. Do what you need to connect with yourself.
  • Now that you had some alone time and you have replenished your visionary powers, go back to the office, check again what is going on. Do they have that deck pitch you need for this evening ready? Of course, they fucked it up, they didn’t really get your vision. You gotta say it out loud, they need to hurry up and get it right!
  • Leave the office, it’s showtime. Head to the club, have a drink, pay for a round and pitch your idea. You might get an investor, or at least make an impression and win a one-night stand.
  • It’s time to go back home.
  • If it is not too late, kiss your husband or wife, say hi to your children, cook for them once in a while. Family time is important. Not as important as alone time, but it is also important.
  • Head to your Clubhouse session.
  • After such a day, you need some sleep. You gotta take care of yourself. Just one more thing before you go to bed, check one more time what Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kim Jong-un, and the rest of your contemporary wannabe tyrants/masters of the universe role models are up to. 
  • Let your PA know she should be working harder so you make the headlines, your company, and your vision NEED you positioned in the media as the “Elon Musk” of [fill the blanks with whatever your field is]. 

*We will discuss it in detail in a dedicated chapter, but for now, to keep it simple, this is your quick guide to social media:

  • Twitter. You NEED a Twitter account. Everyone with an opinion is on Twitter. Get one!
  • LinkedIn. You NEED a LinkedIn account. You need to keep track of other CEOs success. There is so much educational content that can supplement your audiobook summary listening sessions.
  • Clubhouse. Everyone who thinks themselves special is there. To are special, you know it, you MUST get in!

Feeling more confident? Happy to guide you in this journey to becoming the most effective CEO you can be!

Next time, we will discuss empathy and introspection.

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