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Alpha Finance

An introductory overview to stock and options trading and the bull case for long-term investments in cryptocurrencies.

Technical Analysis: A Total Waste of Time or a Good Starting Point?

17 May 2021 4 minute read 0 comments torontomark

In the world of finance, technical analysis is easy to dismiss as a pseudoscience. It's 'charting magic', simply a bunch of lines drawn on a historical stock/crypto price chart in an attempt to predict the future. It will always take the backseat to...

Blockchain and Social Media and Reddit Moons

16 May 2021 4 minute read 0 comments torontomark

I've been in the cryptocurrency space maybe only about two years but the natural progression of this blockchain technology and its ramificiations for internet users is amazing to watch and I'm truly excited to see what follows. While most people woul...

Investing in Crypto for Canadians

15 May 2021 4 minute read 2 comments torontomark

If you're interested in cryptocurrencies and think you might be a bit late in the game, I can assure you that you are certainly not. An old Chinese proverb states, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." Like pl...

NBA Top Shot: How I Made $700 in 2 Months

3 May 2021 6 minute read 0 comments torontomark

Trading playing calls is a hallmark of most preteens. It's exciting going to the store and buying a pack of cards (whether it's pokemon, yugio, basketball or baseball) and rolling the dice, hoping to get some great ones. When I was collecting some yu...

Ponzi Schemes Abundant!

2 May 2021 6 minute read 2 comments torontomark

A couple weeks back I received a rather interesting and eventful phone call. An older gentleman named Alex told me how disrespected and inconvenienced and insulted he was banking with TD Bank for sending wires to a cryptocurrency firm based out of Lo...

Non Fungible Tokens and their Environmental Impact

30 Apr 2021 5 minute read 11 comments torontomark

Non Fungible Tokens are taking the world by storm! These blockchain-tradeable stores of ownership are creating a new artistic and trading card renaissance and every company and every celebrity with any sense in the world is taking advantage. People a...

The Case for Dogecoin

25 Apr 2021 6 minute read 0 comments torontomark

Dogecoin must be one of, if not the most, misunderstood cryptocurrency available in the blockchain currency ecosystem. Everywhere you look on the internet whether it is an official source or a forum on reddit, cryptocurrency investors both old and ne...