PublishOx's tipping scale pays out crypto to authors.

Tipping - A Powerful Component of PublishOx

PublishOx has a great feature incorporated into every article published on its site, the 'Tipping Scale'. Still, many are not aware of this excellent feature that allows readers to tip authors, up to a full penny. The scale can slide left or right so a tip can be split between the reader and writer, whether it's 50/50. 80/20 or whatever percentage you like.

The tipping scale is located at the end of every article. Users are allowed to tip up to 6 times per day (24 hour period) with a minimum 10 minute interval between each tip. A minimum 20% can be tipped to the writer although I recommend a higher amount (maximum tip is 100%) since it only adds up to a penny, divided between reader and writer. 

The actual standard setting of the tipping scale is set at 80% for the author and 20% for the reader. You cannot choose which crypto is paid out to whom. PublishOx determines that. Once you've sent a tip, you'll immediately get a notice stating how much you tipped / earned.

The tipping feature is financed by ad revenue so if you see an ad that interests you, click it to learn more. This supports the PublishOx community as a whole and that's why it never costs anything for readers and writers alike to send a tip.

If you tip a favorite author, you must wait at least one hour to be able to tip them again. In all fairness, this allows the prize pool to be more evenly spread out among authors, of which there are many, spread out over thousands of blogs.

So whether you're new to PublishOx or a seasoned member of the community, remember to send out a tip if you found an article interesting. This encourages writers to produce more relevant content. It helps the community grow. Results can be seen with each article published. See their earnings at bottom right of each post?

PublishOx writer earnings

Content creators depend on earnings to continue their work. Remember to send a tip whenever you read an article and show your support for our writers here on PublishOx. Together, we make for a great community of like-minded individuals / groups.

Thanks for the tip!

Peace and love to everyone!

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