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Being curious lately as to how well my favorite blogging site is doing, I checked out PublishOx's stats which anyone can view by clicking the 'Stats' link located at the bottom of every page. Here, we can view some interesting statistics. Overall, I'm very pleased with how things are going. Together, as writers and / or readers, we have become a formidable force in the fiercely competitive digital age as a source of valuable information on a wide range of subjects. With this in mind, I see an incredible opportunity for all of us within the PublishOx community to benefit from the site's unique tipping feature, simply by helping the site grow and the more of us there are, the better! Here we go...

In the last 30 days:

There have been 614,504 tips handed out by 14,734 users with a dollar value of $225,422 and 89 cents.

628 users posted 3,692 articles.

11,191 new subscribers

Most tipped article - #Tectum #SoftNotes Writing Contest - win your share...

Lifetime Stats:

581,993 registered users.

242,529 articles across 27,052 blogs.

36,437,291 tips given - $1,570,493.88

There are some graphs as well that show the progress going back to June 30, 2021.

Stepping back, we can see that almost 15,000 users were very, very active in the last 30 days, generating over 614,000 tips. Big thanks to all of you who tipped. Looking more closely, only about 2.5% of the community actually tipped. Imagine if 10% gave a tip. That would send the dollar total of those tips close to a million bucks! I believe the reason the number is low is simply because some users aren't aware of the tipping feature or simply forgot it's even there. A good way to encourage tipping is to simply write, 'Tips are appreciated' or something like that at the end of your posts.

628 users posted almost 3,700 articles which amounts to about 6 posts each per user over the previous 30 days. Each new post adds to the overall total, now over 242,000 posts. This is excellent news. The reason is that search engines tend to give preference to sites that have a lot of pages and activity so the more posts there are, the better. While the total posts for the previous 30 days is very good, I challenge writers to beef up that number over the next 15 days to push the total number of posts above 250,000, which would be a great way to end the year. Considering there are more than 27,000 blogs, this should be an easy challenge to tackle so if you haven't posted in a while, now's a good time.

User growth has been steady with more than 11,000 new subscribers added in the last 30 days, bringing the total to almost 582,000 users. Most people find PublishOx after conducting a search on their favorite search engine. A few though, find there way here through an Ambassador link that every user on this site is entitled to use and can profit from. This is where and how you can help PublishOx grow.


PublishOx - Earn crypto for blogging


Did you even know though that PublishOx has an Ambassador Program? The way it works is very simple. Every time you create a link in any of your posts or outside of PublishOx that lead back to an article within the site, simply place your Ambassador extension at the end of the link. If an outside visitor clicks that link and then decides to join the site, you'll earn a small royalty amounting to 5% of every tip. Think about that. You could be earning crypto even if you're not a writer. Songwriters write songs in hopes of generating lifetime royalties. This is really no different, except you don't have to write any songs. This is your chance to earn royalties simply by creating links, placing them in your posts or anywhere on social media and then putting your feet up and relaxing, letting those valuable links work for you.

So here's another challenge. There are now some 582,000 users. Imagine if everyone of us used the powers of the Ambassador program and brought in just one new user each within the next 30 days. It would double the site's user base. If even just 10% of us were able to bring in just one new user, it would still come to almost 60,000 new users and would amount to a heck of a lot more activity on this site.

With this many users, it should be fairly easy to hit the pivotal target of one million users with PublishOx's Ambassador program. In fact, if you right click the word Ambassador, you'll see that my Ambassador link is placed at the end of the URL. Many people will find this article outside of PublishOx and if they so happen to click this or any other link on this page and then decide to sign up, I will have me a new referral and each time they tip, I'll receive a 5% bonus. Imagine if you've managed to have hundreds or even thousands of referrals sign up. That 5% bonus will add up fast. The best part is that readers and writers alike can take advantage of this program.

So let's help PublishOx grow. It benefits the entire community each time a new user signs up. One subscriber at a time, we WILL hit that 1,000,000 mark and soon! From then on, it's 2 million, 3 million... The truth is, the sky's the limit.

Special thanks to the site's administrators for creating and running such an excellent blogging site and for its unique tipping feature. Also, special thanks for creating the Ambassador Program and sharing the wealth. This is a fantastic way to encourage users to help PublishOx grow.

When the site grows, we all grow together. I encourage everyone to get involved with promoting our favorite blogging site by using your Ambassador link. Let's get the site's user base up to one million. It seems like a big challenge but with this many users that can get involved, the challenge doesn't seem difficult at all.

Also, to remember to give a tip if you found an article useful. This encourages writers to 'keep'em coming'.

And with that, I say thank you to all fellow writers and readers who've helped make PublishOx the great blogging site it is. With each new member, we grow bigger and stronger. Trust me, that's a very, very good thing.

PublishOx - Tips are free and come from our prize pool.

Happy Holidays...

Peace and love to everyone!

P.S. Check out my entry in PublishOx's Tectum SoftNotes writing contest, 'Thanks for the SoftNotes, Gramma'. It's a comical take, I know but who knows what the future awaits for us. AND! It sure would be nice to win some Etherium, eh? 

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