A tour of my new $400 8'X8' greenhouse - January 4, 2023

A Tour Of My New $400 8'X8' Greenhouse

Who says you can't grow and garden in winter time. My greenhouse proves you can. Today, January 4, 2024 was sunny so I went out to check on my plants and found them to be doing just fine. I got out my video camera and took a little video and uploaded it to Youtube. 

I used spruce boards and rebuilt my raised beds much higher and in a U-shape and as covering, I used vapor guard. I used staples and shipping tape to hold the covering in place. You'd be surprised how well it works and it sure kept the cost of building this greenhouse to a minimum.

I have hoses running under the beds to allow cold air to sink into them, where geothermal heating should force the warmer air back out two vents at either corner of the greenhouse, creating a circulation of warmer air. I also have a 'hot bed' located where the rosemarie and spinach plants are located. This area is filled with decomposing organic matter which is supposed to provide ambient heat. The outside of the greenhouse has foam padding I got from a former employer to add an extra layer of protection from the cold.

I have a variety of greens growing in the greenhouse. I've already had a couple of harvests and the mustard plants are evidence of this. They're so delicious and exotic looking. I've got lettuces, kale, celery and even a young lemon tree growing in my greenhouse. It takes up only 48 square feet and I can pack quite a bit of greens in there.

I built this new greenhouse to fend off animals, especially squirrels but I've also had to deal with raccoons, chipmunks, rabbits, possum and birds. I installed netting and then placed the vapor guard over it so that come spring, I can remove the plastic and the plants would still be protected. Then again, I might just leave the plastic covering on since I also made sure to install two windows for good airflow.

This is actually the first time I embed a Youtube video into an article. The plants you see here are called Tokyo Bekana Asian Cabbage and can be eaten raw as a lettuce and also can be put in soups and stir fries. Very healthy for you and the plant itself is very sturdy and can withstand colder temps.

Just click the image or the link below to begin the tour. Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Tour of my new $400 8'X8' Greenhouse.

Peace and love to everyone!

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