Kitco News Hit By Cyber Security Incident - December 18, 2023

Kitco News Site Experiences Cyber Security Incident

Update: As of Wednesday, December 20, 2023 Kitco's site is still 'experiencing difficulties' but their precious metal graphs are active.

Kitco's website is under some kind of cyber security threat at the moment. There aren't any real details except that their team is 'actively working to resolve this issue as soon as possible'. I regularly use screen shots of their live precious metals charts in my articles here on PublishOx. The site allows this so long as at least one live link to Kitco is placed somewhere in my posts. Their graphs have come in handy many times and so have their up to date articles in their news section.

Below is a screen grab from their main page.


Kitco News 'cyber security incident' Dec. 18, 2023

Although the site is down, they've managed to keep the live charts for gold, silver, platinum and palladium active on the main page. Below is a screen grab of their gold chart, which shows gold to be doing quite well at $2023.

Spot Gold - December 18, 2023

I'm confident the site's administrators will be able to get the site up and running to full functionality again, hopefully sometime later today. It'll be interesting to learn more about this as they release more information after the site is running again. Is it a hack or denial of service assault? We'll find out soon!

For now, the precious metals graphs are still running in real time. Thanks Kitco!

Happy Holidays...

Peace and love to everyone!

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