Dark Eden M on Wemix NFT Game Review | New Free to Play, Play to Earn

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 14 May 2022

Hey guys! Looking for a new play-to-earn game to try? 

Well good news for MMORPG Gamers there, in today’s article we’ll be talking about a NEW Free-to-PLAY, play-to-earn game. And it’s called Dark Eden M on Wemix, made by Wemade Connect.   



Dark Eden M on WEMIX has just been officially released this month on both Google Play Store and the IOS App Store. It’s an innovative combination of traditional MMORPG and play to earn.   

The game will be powered by both fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain technologies within the WEMIX platform, ensuring that users are at the cutting edge of gaming and technology.       

Dark Eden M on Wemix aims to not only provide amazing game experiences but also become a tool for a player to increase their financial assets with every minute of play. 


Ancient Kingdom  


Here in the game, players will take part in the war between the rival factions of Slayers and Vampires, with realm versus realm (RvR) gameplay being a vital aspect of  Dark Eden M on WEMIX.    

Before getting into the game itself, let’s talk about the characters here first. 

First the slayers – who shows their real worth in co-op mode 

Weapon: Sword | Combat Type: melee Attack   

Weapons: Guns | Combat Type: Ranged Attack

Weapon: Mace | Combat Type: Melee Attack 

Weapon: Bow | Combat Type: Ranged Attack 


Army of Chaos Apeiron  

Now as for the vampires who have very strong individual strengths with various skills.  

Weapon: Claw | Combat Type: Melee Attack  

Weapon: Scepter | Combat Type: Range Attack 

Weapon: Scythe | Combat Type: Melee Attack 

Weapon: Pendulum | Combat Type: Ranged Attack 


SpiritCore NFT A  

Each character has different sets of unique skills that you can utilize in battle. Just follow the instructions and beginners’ quest to your improve combat power and get stronger. Don’t worry if you’ve never played a game like this before because the guide will help you do the quests.

Inside the game’s interface, you’ll see different menus like

  • Forge where you can upgrade your equipment
  • Market where you can buy and sell your items.
  • Achievements for extra loot,
  • Dungeons, where you can obtain exp, skill, and mats for leveling
  • PvP where you can battle other players
  • and Rides or also known as mounts.

In the game, there is also a roulette where you can win tier medals by simply betting at least 1000 tier medals in exchange for a chance to win x 1 up to x10 of how much you bet.


Gameplay Lightning Apeiron  

Now let’s talk about the play-to-earn aspect of the game.

You can earn tier medals by completing main quests, local quests, sanctuary war, and PVP. The tier medals are exchanged for DEBCO Token, the token which you can exchange for real-life assets.

As of now, you can exchange 130, 006 tier medals for 1 DEBCO token or 1 DEBCO token for 100, 006 tier medals

On level 40, you will unlock a dungeon called space-time monastery, the space-time monastery is a place where you can farm or mine more tier medals.

Quite easy right? If you have been playing MMORPG Games, Dark Eden Mix would surely be very familiar to you but if it’s your first time playing this kind of game, don’t worry as I’ve said there are guides in the game that will help you understand the game fully.


chinese ancient kingdom nft game  


As mentioned earlier, Debco is the utility token for Dark Eden M.  

It’s created to give strength to a player’s character through confrontation with the opponent.  

DEBCO is a new digital asset that connects Dark Eden M on WEMIX and the real world! 

It has a total supply of 1 Billion and here is how it is planned to be distributed.  


DOM Token GOLD Token  

And as discussed earlier, there will be many opportunities to maximize game profits in the game.  

You could get Debco in exchange for medals that can strengthen your characters – which is the key element to winning PVP.  

PVP will allow you to earn more DEBCO, so you have to keep your position in your Realm.  

In order to invade/ defend other’s territory, and to be stronger than the rival realm, DEBCO provides richer liquidity through user gameplay.   

The higher the level, the more chances you have of getting medals that can be exchanged for  Debco Token.   

For more info about the DEBCO Token, and how you can create a WEMIX Wallet if you don’t have one yet just visit their website darkedenm.wemadeconnect.com  


Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics  


Wemade Connect is a global game company specializing in game development and publishing and also an MCP (Master Contents Provider) that provides major content to the blockchain platform WEMIX.    

The company’s key games that gained much popularity in the global market include ‘Everytown’, ‘Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium’, and ‘My Secret Bistro’.    

The company is currently focusing on the integration of blockchain in its key games as well as discovering new blockchain-based games. 


Ancient Kingdom NFT  


As per their CEO – Hodae Lee.

“Dark Eden M on WEMIX is a game that can provide users with a P&E (Play and Earn) experience with an easy and clear mission, the game is expected to maximize the virtuous cycle of competition and compensation,”   

“It will be a game that provides players with fond memories and entertaining moment-to-moment gameplay.” 

So if you want to take part in a realm versus realm war between Slayers and Vampires then head on to the AppStore or play store and download the game now.    

And make sure to follow them on all of their social media channels linked below for updates and announcements. 


Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap  

And by the way, here’s the info about their ongoing giveaway or the Dark Eden M on WEMIX Official Release SNS EVENT! 

You simply have to complete the missions to get a chance to win Debco Token. 310 winners have a chance to win 10 up to 300 Debco Tokens.    

Click this link to participate.



Dark Eden M Links:

Website: https://darkedenm.wemadeconnect.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkedenm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkEdenMonWEMIX

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pBHXeAq6hb


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