How To Get Paid In Bitcoin.

I know I probably shouldn't, but I've been bothering my boss to pay me in Bitcoin every day for a while now.

"Hey boss man, when Bitcoin?"

"BMC, I'm on the toilet!"

Yeah. I really should calm down but it's just too hard.

"Boss man, Bitcoin is the future. Please...Pay me in Bitcoin"

"BMC, I'm trying to count the cash here! You made me lose my count somewhere around $2,300. Now I have to start again!"

Yeah, I can be quite persistent.

"Boss man, if you pay me in Bitcoin, I will work overtime for free. Whaddya say?"

"BMC! How many times do I have to tell you..." He sighed. "Okay. I'll pay you in Bitcoin. You win. Just give me a week to get it together."

No way! He actually said yes! I would get paid with Bitcoin after all my efforts. I could barely wait til payday. I worked a lot of unpaid overtime to make the boss happy.

"Boss man, when do I get payed?"

"At the end of the day. By the way, I really like this paying you in Bitcoin stuff. I remember you told me one Bitcoin was like $5000. You won't believe it! I found some cheap Bitcoin and it will actually cut costs around here to pay you with it. Thanks, BMC."

"Cheap Bitcoin? How cheap are we talking? What exchange did you use?"

"Get back to work! You owe me overtime too. Don't forget."

Finally, the time came to get payed.

"Boss man, I'm ready. I have my wallet address right here. How much did I make?!"

"Well, you worked 73 hours at $10 an hour minus 12 % tax and the 33 hours overtime that you said I didn't have to pay you...You said Bitcoin was at 5k but I'll give you 4k premium since I saved a lot on payroll...So I owe you .088 Bitcoin. I couldn't just buy that amount for some reason so I bought 10 Bitcoins to pay you in the future. Here it is on my computer. Where do I send it?"

"Boss man...That's Bitcoin Gold..."

"Yeah, you know what they say BMC, Bitcoin is the new gold."

"No...That coin is Bitcoin Gold...Not,"

"Listen, do you want your Bitcoin or not?!"

That night I downloaded a Bitcoin Gold wallet, accepted the payment, and cried looking at myself in the mirror until the morning. The boss says he likes this new way to pay me.

If you hear of any job opportunities out there, please let me know...

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