Publish0x Should Add TRC-10/20 Compatibility

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 12 Sep 2019

I started writing this article a while ago, but now that even publish0x has started to see the issues with the bloating in the Ethereum network, I think it's time to release this article, especially since I also recently pushed for Ternio's BlockCard to also add TRX support. While I have some issues with the Tron Foundation, I see Tron as a project that has a lot of potential and which can act as a twin to the Ethereum platform. While publish0x is still working on finalizing its sponsorship system, it really should consider TRC-10/20 tokens for a number of reasons.

Native support for TRC-10 tokens makes it very easy to mint trustworthy tokens. ERC-20 and TRC-20 are both smart contract based, which means that the contract should be audited for trustworthiness. A nefarious ERC-20 token creator could do a lot to cheat people. Even well meaning developers do often include a pause feature in their contracts, because there are valid reasons to pause the contract, such as upgrading to a newer token contract. However, TRC-10 tokens are not smart contract based. They are a fundamental part of the Tron platform. They are minted on the Tron platform directly, and have a fixed supply. They're a useful foundation for projects. 

Tron also has a DEX which makes it very easy to buy and sell tokens with Tron. There's no need to go through the headache of a complicated listing process. Once a token is issued, it can be moved on without a problem. The combination of the native support of a fixed supply, trustless TRC-10 token, along with a decentralized exchange, make Tron a prime candidate for support for tipping and sponsoring. 

Of course, I'm not saying that Tron is necessarily the best or only option in the market, but it's a significant piece of the blockchain ecosystem, with the current top listed dapp being a Tron dapp! It's simply time for more entities to add support for TRX and TRC-10/20 tokens.

Why TRX?

In the Telegram group, it was asked "why TRX" rather than BTC, EOS, $XLM, etc. It's a good question. Let's tackle BTC first. Tips are paid out from a fund which is filled by sponsors. There is no BTC organization. Therefore there is no BTC sponsor. The entire idea of the tip system is that a sponsor provides its token as the tip. EOS and XLM would be an option, but they are much smaller than Tron. Again, the most used dapp is a Tron dapp. 

But there's another reason to go with Tron, and that's ease of integration. The Tron blockchain is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Writing smart contracts and accessing them is essentially identical, regardless of whether it's Ethereum or Tron, so there's essentially no learning curve or difficulty in implementation. These arguments cannot be said for EOS or XLM. 

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