Pawedcast in Print Episode #47 : Tweaks and Feedback

Pawedcast in Print Episode #47 : Tweaks and Feedback

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 25 Jul 2019

Regarding promises from last week, some of the changes have been made. The two tier loot boxes are still being worked on. Changes in caps should also be implemented when the boxes are changed. 


NEO integration should be implemented soon. There will be NEO exclusive cuties just like there are exclusive cuties for the existing chains. The cuties are very "themed" according to Tehn. Going over some basic info on NEO, there are two currencies on the NEO chain, which are NEO and NEO gas. The gas is obtained by holding NEO, and is used to pay for transactions. It should be even cheaper to play than using Tron. Basically, transactions should more or less be free. The team is hoping to add more players by adding NEO.

Wars of Cutieland

There should be a lot more emphasis on gameplay, mechanics, and so on. There should also be more information about the War of Cutieland expansion coming, because of the recognition that the team needs to provide more information earlier in order to increase transparency. A lot of people have voiced concerns about the lack of information about how the game will run, even though people are spending a lot of money on the game assets already. 

The expansion will be built around the current game play, so the current system is staying and will play a role in the War of Cutieland expansion. Hopefully we'll learn more soon. 

Other News

Vlad has gotten a lot of information a recent blockchain event that will be put into making the game better. For instance, the Discord server will become a more useful forum. The team is taking suggestions of what to add to Discord. You can send your suggestions to Tehn directly or give the suggestion in the Telegram chat or on Discord. Some potential features would be adding voice channels. 

Tehn also covered the general discussions that we've been having about Blockchain Cuties, the event, criticism, and comments. Issues involving recent scalping was also covered, including recent people trying to sell the items from the Decentraland giveaway. Basically, don't engage in scalping. While it's hard to keep scalpers out, don't go into a forum and try to offload your won item, because you're going to piss off a lot of people who really were trying to win the item because they really liked it or liked the game.

Further Upgrades

Three more longer term upgrades are coming. The dev team is also getting closer to getting a built in news feed for the site so that people won't have to go outside of the game. Also, the tavern is going to get an upgrade as well, with rotating elements. Throughout the day, the tavern will go through all the element bonuses so that there will be more strategy for tavern play. Furthermore, the recycling system is getting closer to beta. The general idea is to take existing items to get new crafting material which can be used to buff existing items or create new ones, but the design is still a work in progress. Finally, the team is working on added content for the existing game including new tributes.

Presale Phase II

Phase I of the presale is almost finished. It'll be done on Wednesday (3 AM on August 1st, Riga time) and phase II will start shortly after that. The cuties that are on sale right now will be gone. So if you want to get them, do so before phase I ends, or you'll have to get them on the market. The discount will also disappear. The next stage will also be a month and a half. There will be four new buildings, including a limited edition item; 10 pieces, and 3 unlimited quantity buildings. And there will be new cuties for sale.

Scouts will be very important in the game play. You'll also need a governor, general, and scout to efficiently play the game.

Question of the Week

There will be a statue involved with War of Cutielands. What will it be a statue of?

Hint: It involves a play on words.

Final Comments

More things in the works, including taking into account feedback. Also, don't spoil Stranger Things to Tehn. If you don't know, Jim Hopper's name comes from Stranger Things.

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