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TOP 4 cryptocurrency news from the past week (BAT, ADA, XLM, XRP and LTC)

By Call me Steven | the awesome zone | 18 Apr 2020

The cryptocurrency world is moving at a stupendous speed. Let's go through the top crypto news for BAT, ADA, XLM, LTC and XRP from the last week.


4. GMO Coin exchange announced BAT lending

7 days ago, the Japanese cryptocurrency trading giant - GMO Coin, announced they are adding lending features for BAT on their exchange. Basically, users are now able to lend their virtual currency to other people using GMO Coin and receive interest. There are 3 lending options based on the length of the loan time: 6 months (annual rate 5%), 3 months (annual rate 4%) and 1 month (annual rate 2%). The minimum amount one can lend out is 5 000 BAT and the maximum being 150 000 BAT.


3. ADA Price Recovery, Highest Activity Cryptocurrency, Byron Reboot

Not surprisingly, the price of ADA started recovering this past week. After hitting the weekly high of 0.036869 USD, it went back, but not too far down. It seems it has acquired the stability it was looking for and is now moving steadily up after conquering the key support at 0.0345 USD yesterday. This complies with the numbers for weekly activity which put Cardano at the week high by developer activity considerably ahead of Kusama Network (KSM) and Gnosis PM (GNO), ranked second and third by weekly and monthly development activity. Add to this the upcoming final Byron reboot update for the Daedalus wallet V1.0.0 next week and the ADAs performance makes perfect sense.


2. Mark Yusko, the Morgan Creek Digital CEO, revealed his criticism for Stellar and Ripple

Mark Yusko, basically said that there are no XRP and XLM being held in their portfolio whatsoever. He also said that this will remain unchanged, because of his lack of appreciation for Stellar and Ripple, stemming directly from the level of "centralization" of the token ownership in both of these cryptocurrencies. He namely doesn't believe in the cryptocurrencies, because of the whales that hold big portions of the tokens in the market that he believes can potentially control the price and bring the cryptocurrency price down dramatically if they wanted to. He says they are being held too closely. In addition to this he says that he is expecting that the price of 99% of the altcoins will go to 0 USD.


1. Litecoin Foundation Produces Johnny Knoxville's Horror Flick - "We Summon the Darkness"

One of the more unexpected news for this week, Litecoin Foundation is producing Johnny Knoxville's new movie. The movie which is titled We Summon the Darkness is a heavy metal horror comedy starring Alexandra Daddario and Amy Forsyth. You can see the Litecoin Foundation's logo in the opening credits of the movie trailer. 


Thank you for reading. Links to all of the news below:


"We summon the Darkness" Trailer


Mark Yusko on Stellar and XRP


Cardano (ADA) News


GMO Coin announcing BAT lending (Article is in Japanese, just use translate feature if on Chrome)

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Call me Steven
Call me Steven

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