Hive Bugs: Is It Just Me?

By David P. | That Crypto Club | 23 Feb 2024

It was always just a minor inconvenience that I was willing to work around... but it keeps happening, and it's getting worse! Is anyone else having buggy issues with Hive applications? It can't be just me. Right?

In any case, I do hope there's a solution.

Calling All Hive Devs!

It all started with my Favorites list, which I've never been able to see. Never... it was the one glitch in my experience that persisted. But I was able to create a "Check Daily" list that worked fine.

Now, neither of these lists will work!

Hive Functions on the Fritz- Blockchain.png
Created using Canva, Bitmoji and screenshots from Peakd.

UPDATE: It didn't occur to me that these lists are really just a #Peakd feature, and doesn't apply to other interfaces like Ecency and Hive.Blog. It's still a glitchy thing right now that I hope is resolved PRONTO!

Again, this is not the end of the world... but then it went a bit further: now my profile picture and other header graphics and info won't populate.

This is what it looks like for me on #Peakd. 👇

Hive and Peakd Being Buggy- Blockchain.PNG

I've tried Hive.Blog too, with the same results... and I've tried changing nodes multiple times, settling on the "Switch Automatically" default at the moment. Nothing changed.

I also can't see the thumbnails for my cover image RIGHT NOW for this post, so I'm not sure which one will actually appear. Now that's a pain in the ass!

So I obviously can't help but notice these things-- and to worry that this degradation will continue, that my ability to participate in the #Hive ecosystem will be further curtailed.

Not cool.

And totally worth a cry for help-- or at least a quick chat to give my two cents on an issue that may be widespread or systemic. I should've mentioned it a long time ago.

ThatCryptoDave General Blog on Hive Blockchain.png

So please do chime in if you're having similar problems, or if you are able to help on the development side. Our strength is the #community of people who want Hive to succeed!

Blockchain Evolution

Hive has gone through quite a few soft forks now, with small changes and upgrades happening each time... so I'm curious if these bugs I'm describing are some unnoticed effect. And I'm hopeful that they can be easily fixed during the next reiteration, if not before.

Or it could be just me. I'm not dismissing that possibility... and I haven't really done any troubleshooting at all. I thought I'd reach out first.

So please do take a moment to leave a quick word, whether it's to echo my sentiments or to tell me everything is working fine on your end. I really would appreciate it!

UPDATE: It does seem like I personally may have deleted all the profile information in the header, so... my bad. But I'm still curious about all the badges that appeared in my profile header until recently. I'll digress for the moment.

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Thanks so much for reading! I hope to hear from you below, but have a great week either way. Cheers: to community. Together, there are few things people can't achieve!

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