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I enjoy discovering- and writing about- fun, informative and profitable things in all kinds of arenas: cryptocurrency, blogging, marketing and more! The Brave browser came first for me, and Publish0x more recently... it all just makes sense!

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David P.

$1000 Airdrop Anyone?! Boom: uSwap-- $USP

29 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments David P.

Yeah... that's right. It's been a while since I published anything here, but I just can't contain my enthusiasm for FREE MONEY right now! So let's talk about it, shall we? Did you think Uniswap's crypto-stimulus package was the end of the fairy tale?...

Growing Pains for the Blockchain Social Platform, Uptrennd

4 Jun 2020 3 minute read 0 comments David P.

Are You There Yet? Uptrennd is a blockchain-based social media platform that was launched a little more than a year ago, and it really has made some big strides since then. Better speeds, less spammy nonsense and an overall cleanliness and profession...

My Top 3 Publish0x Authors? Boom.

27 May 2020 2 minute read 2 comments David P.

Better Late Than Never? I sincerely hope so... I've been planning to put this post together for days now! But may I first just offer a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to the Publish0x team and community members-- 100K users is a huge deal, and I can't wait...

A Tale of Two Halvings: BTC and 1UP

8 May 2020 3 minute read 2 comments David P.

Bitcoin Divided By Two If you're anywhere near the crypto sphere-- or even just an ordinary news junkie-- you've probably heard about Bitcoin's upcoming halving event... unless you've been stuck under a rock or something. The last halving was on July...

3 of My Favouritest Cryptos (Right Now)

3 Apr 2020 2 minute read 4 comments David P.

Yeah. "Favouritest"... That's right. Not only am I Canadian, I'm also... umm... a bit juvenile at times. We digress together now, and I'll give a brief and likely unsatisfying explanation of why these three cryptocurrencies in particular are turning...

Social Media, Meet Crypto: UPTRENND

2 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments David P.

Aren't You Worth Something? Your time... your genuine engagement... it seems the mainstream social platforms have used us to their own ends-- to increase their own bottom lines-- and we get nothing. Our data, opinions and content are put to work for...

What Are Your Publish0x Tipping Habits?

27 Mar 2020 1 minute read 13 comments David P.

Tip Yourself More? There may be a good number of readers who are here to try and make an income, and an easy way to make more is to tip yourself (the reader) the lion's share... and I really am curious if this is common here in the Publish0x communit...

Alternative Platforms for Real Change: P0x Plus One

20 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments David P.

What a world these days! I'm in rural Ontario, Canada and my family owns a restaurant. Times are tough-- take out only, most staff laid off, traffic down significantly-- and the mainstream news sources seem to want us convinced that they will only ge...

New Crypto Project Invite: Pi Network

19 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments David P.

I have 112.9914 Pi tokens.I'm earning at a rate of 1.29 tokens per hour. And this is happening on my phone... without draining my battery. Pretty sweet, eh? All of this is true. I open an app once a day, click on a button to confirm my "security cir...

Best Times to Publish(0x)? Tell me.

26 Jan 2020 1 minute read 4 comments David P.

When Do You Publish Here? This is my 12th post here on Publish0x, and there seemed at first to be a noticeable trend upward in my stats as I posted more frequently-- with the exception of a few attempts at odd, low-value topics... But then I had what...


I Sold All of My Cardano...For Polkadot

31 Aug 2020 johnwege

31 August 2020
Total agreement, @johnwege! Polkadot is an unbelievable project! Are you aware of its canary network and all the projects jumping on board? I really should post something about them, but giving credit to my own sources. But yes, John... you're definitely putting your money to work with DOT. 💪

My New Crypto Art Tokens - NFT Showroom Release

27 Aug 2020 AlmightyMelon

27 August 2020
Beautiful stuff! I'm gonna bookmark it and check out the tokenized art scene. Thanks for posting, @AlmightyMelon. ✌

Received My Crypto.com Visa Card!

23 Jul 2020 costanza

23 July 2020
Where do you live? I've heard they launched in Canada recently, but I'm wondering if the Visa cards are available here... any idea?

Twitter Cryptocurrency Scam

16 Jul 2020 CyB3RNooB

16 July 2020
Yikes! That has a legit feel, but still manages to feel creepy. I'm not surprised they were successful... I would've guessed a bigger payday though. General rule: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Keeping up with Rising Star - Form A Band, New Cards, and a New Zone released!

19 Jun 2020 Khazrakh

20 June 2020
I'm in, and I used your link. It's still a little choppy, but I like it. :)

Bookmarks Added to Publish0x: Due to Popular Demand You can Now Save Posts You Love!

19 Jun 2020 Igor Tomić

19 June 2020
I noticed this change a little while back, and I do appreciate it... it's the little things that can make a huge difference in the functionality and overall user experience. Thanks, @igort! 👌

LiteCoin (LTC) and Atari Token

17 Jun 2020 EdwinK

17 June 2020
Whoa... this slipped under my (not-so-impressive) radar, but this is pretty exciting news. I'm not even a gamer and I think this might have a chance of shaking things up a bit. That price point is pretty fantastic, I must say. Keep us posted, @EdwinK. Thanks a lot for the heads up, bro. 🤘

My latest review of Uptrennd

2 Mar 2020 cryptovato1

09 June 2020
I was already following you, bro... I'm David Potts over there (if you feel so inclined). Glad to meet you, Cryptovato. ✌

Why you should read books

25 May 2020 CutterMutter

31 May 2020
Is that a quote? That's some brilliant stuff right there... thanks for the thoughtful response, Cutter. Props. :)

My Top 3 Publish0x Authors? Boom.

27 May 2020 David P.

27 May 2020
I totally hear you on that one, CATW... I would love to write more non-crypto stuff too, but it just hasn't gotten any traffic at all. I really hope this changes too. Thanks a lot for the input. I appreciate it. ✌

Brave Browser To Integrate Uphold Wallet On Android Mobile Version 1.10

25 May 2020 Dominus1

25 May 2020
Boom. That is exactly what I've been waiting for. Lovin' it. 😎

What Are Your Publish0x Tipping Habits?

27 Mar 2020 David P.

25 May 2020
Thanks very much for your thoughts! That information would be SO useful, it's true... but I'm glad to hear you tip based on your actual experience with each piece. That's what I want to hear. Thanks again. 👍

Why you should read books

25 May 2020 CutterMutter

25 May 2020
That's exactly right, Cutter... knowledge can be power, when it is applied properly. I would argue that there might be too much information out there these days-- and too wide a variety mixed into the A-sides-- so most of us have a fragmented sense of many more things, but a true grasp of very few of them (if any). We all need to read more, read better books and think deeper and more critically about the world we're building... myself included. Well said, Cutter. Thanks for the reminder. 😉

MyPublish0xAuthor: Not a Contest Entry! Or Not Not a Contest Entry?

21 May 2020 tomoyan

22 May 2020
I think it's fair to say I know exactly what you're saying... while simultaneously being as lost as a four-year old dragging a busted leash at IKEA. But I've been following you for a while, so I digress quite easily. Carry on doing whatever it is you're doing-- I don't not like it. 😋 Good shout-outs too... I like most of those authors. Cheers.

Publish0x Reaches 100k Accounts! Celebration: $200 in DAI Prizes and 30% Bigger Rewards for a Week!

19 May 2020 Igor Tomić

20 May 2020
I always appreciate these heads up, Igor... this is all such amazing news, and promotional boosts and contests like these should help user growth as well. Cheers, bro. Keep up the stellar work. 😎

One Dead In Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Crash

18 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

18 May 2020
Yes, I heard about that today... and I had recently been expressing to a friend that I think this is an unnecessary government expense at a time when the effects of current stimuli have not yet been felt. I get the idea and the intentions... but I wish we had never gone that route. It's such a shame. 😢

How to put emojis in titles and articles✔

17 May 2020 Klo

17 May 2020
Very cool tip, Klo... thanks for that! :)

My latest Watercolor Painting Timelapse

16 May 2020 OG Crypto

16 May 2020
That is a BEAUTIFUL painting. I appreciate the soundtrack too... great video. The light reflecting off the paint as it dries makes each pass more transformational. Nice work! :)

Why I'm Selling All my Bitcoin

16 May 2020 Hooked2TheChain

16 May 2020
That's a well thought out position and I respect it... I couldn't help but read it for the reasons you outline in your post and video: 99% of content out there right now is bullish and I've had this same feeling you describe-- so your tone stands out. I think regretting what could have been gained in excess is much easier than watching your gains disappear. You may be right, that's what I'm saying. I've made the opposite prediction in recent pieces, but I still have this bad feeling sitting just beneath the surface-- about everything in general. It's a contentious topic, as I expect... but thanks so much for giving your two cents. I wish you the best of luck. :)

A Tale of Two Halvings: BTC and 1UP

8 May 2020 David P.

08 May 2020
Thanks a lot, Cosmic! I appreciate that. :)

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The lifeblood of the Blockchain

3 hours ago 1 minute read comments MikeZillo

The blockchain, public and decentralized, certifies data as it cannot be altered by anyone. But are the data recorded true to therefore certify a supply chain? To achieve this, 3 points must be well defined on which to intervene. - Ownership of the d...

Is It Still Worth Your Time? A Closer Look At Rising Star's New Reality

29 Sep 2020 5 minute read comments Khazrakh

It's been a week now since Rising Star announced the drastic changes to their Ego system. After the first changes several more followed during the week and they sure turned the whole game upside down. I've been playing the game for almost half a year...

More than $700M in TVL on the new Uniswap fork, Sushiswap protocol in just 3 days on business!

1 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

The decentralized finances (DeFi) protocols are just going insane, with the new Uniswap fork, the well acclaimed and misterious Sushiswap protocol with just 3 days of announcement in the market locking up more than $700,000.000 in total value locked...

Expedia | Book over 700,000 hotels with your cryptocurrencies!

10 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments NassiroV

Image Source The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is happening before our eyes, day after day. This time, it is the association between the famous travel group Expedia and the young company Travala.com, supported by Binance, which...

Coinbase IPO by early 2021

9 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments GilVMedia

According to a recent article on Reuters, "Exclusive: Crypto exchange Coinbase readies landmark stock market listing, sources say," anonymous sources report that Coinbase Inc, has began planning for a stock market listing for the end of 2020 or early...

Best coins to invest in for the long run (5 - 10 years)

1 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments MadMaxx

Hello, and welcome to another post. In this article, I'll be telling you my top 5 picks for the long term. These coins have gone through rigorous testing, and these were the criteria upon which I tested them: Usefulness: These coins had to try to be...

Ripple PayID: Global payments are no more difficult than sending an e-mail

28 Jun 2020 7 minute read comments Kluma

On June 18 2020, over 40 crypto companies and non-profit organizations, including Brave, Huobi, BitGo, BitPay, Bitstamp, CipherTrace, Dharma, Liquid, and Blockchain.com, joined the Ripple-sponsored Open Payments Coalition project. Its goal is to laun...

Refund Token - The Cryptocurrency "Mutual Fund"

25 Jun 2020 14 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

Traditionally, many financial experts have considered cryptocurrencies to be a type of commodity. Just like gold and oil, Bitcoin/ETH/BAT doesn't pay a dividend and doesn't produce anything.  Many financial professionals advise investors NOT to inves...

Bookmarks Added to Publish0x: Due to Popular Demand You can Now Save Posts You Love!

19 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Many of you have asked that we implement bookmarks on Publish0x. You wanted a way to: Bookmark good poss so you can easily find and read them later when you have more time. Bookmark posts so that you can come back to them over and over again. If you...



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