Elon Musk: Making Billions While Fighting the Government at Every Turn

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 3 Feb 2021

With the most recent government interference/meddling in SpaceX's Starship Program, it has become a typical thing it seems for Elon Musk to fight/prod the government at every chance he gets. Thinking it over he has really fought the government or at least the leading authorities in every endeavor he has launched since 2000. Elon is really the perfect mixture of crazy and brilliant forcing change to occur when the establishment refuses to.


The first highly publicized instance of this was Tesla going private. Oh, man was that a crazy time as Elon in his true nature chose the price of $420 which even if that really was the case I will die on the hill that he did it all as a joke. It did cost him dearly though with the SEC naturally being super super upset over this as Tesla's price was not around that range at the time. If it were to go private at that price now it would be at a discount! Musk had to give up not only his role as Chairman of Tesla's Board but he also had to agree to have his posts about Tesla checked by an attorney before he could post on Twitter. 


Let's also not forget about the first time he sued over how space contacts were dished out with SpaceX successfully forcing the Air Force to change how contracts were dished out. The Air Force went from only having one rocket provider to two due to the lawsuits by SpaceX. Not only this but then when he was caught smoking weed on Joe Rogen's Podcast he was able to get out of it because in Cali it was legal! The man truly is a thorn in the side of the establishment and does not care! 


Neuralink was thought of to be crazy and while he did not really run into any government challenges with this the leading individuals in their fields thought he was full of it. After the successful pig demonstration now he has successfully implanted a monkey! The technology that is being pumped out of Neuralink is amazing and super cutting edge. It is so promising and thus far successful that people are now Tweeting out at Elon to allow them to be the first participants in the first human Neuralink trials!


I could write for hours about all the successful challenges he has taken on and won including The Boring Company's flamethrower, Tesla's Tequila, and now he is taking on the FAA. Why the FAA thinks it should get involved with SpaceX at this point is beyond me. Once the FAA closes the airspace around the testing location why they think the landing is now something they should be concerned about is beyond me. I get Elon stuck it to them by launching SN 8 when they denied whatever waiver they did but this tik for tat government interference isn't good for anyone. SpaceX right now is the only way to launch astronauts for the US so why upset them? They are currently still developing a lunar lander and if anything punish them there by withholding a contract. The government is way too dependent on Elon to try and bully him around and whether it be right or wrong in the end no one will win.

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