US Congress Again Lets Down Recent College Grads

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 22 Dec 2020

While a ton of people are celebrating the recent stimulus bill passing as at least something being done for the American public again both sides completely failed to address a fairly significant portion of current college students and those who have recently graduated. In the US kids can stay on their parent's insurance until the age of 26 for parents however they often need to claim said kid as a dependent to fully enjoy their tax breaks. By being declared a dependent I was unable to benefit from the first round of stimulus give out. 


When though I had my own tax return it did not matter as I was claimed. What was worse was that my parents also did not benefit because I was over the age of 17 so they did not receive anything for me. When this news initially came out a bunch of younger congressional members claimed this issue would be addressed however once again this bill will fail my segment of the population. As someone who graduated in May the job market was nonexistent to make matters worse it has not improved all that much. I am lucky in that I am in good enough shape to move to Washington DC to further my career there but it has been rough. 


I can only hope that this vaccine really has an impact that can help out the next set of graduates for May. It has honestly been a rough time that no one should have to go through.


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