Earn Around $200 Bitcoin Nearly Risk-Free! Celsius Promos!

Earn Around $200 Bitcoin Nearly Risk-Free! Celsius Promos!

By teutonium | Teutonium's Posts! | 2 Apr 2020

Free money!!

In this world, you need money for everything! Money to eat, money to drink, money to have a roof over your head, money to learn a skill, money money, MONEY! Money makes the world go around... especially in these troubled times!

It's important to grab every opportunity we can to make money! It's important to sometimes take a little risk, and it's even more important to grab an opportunity of making money almost risk free! The kind of opportunity that Celsius is providing to the community...

I've talked multiple times about Celsius in the past, about how to earn interest on your crypto just by hodling it on the app, about how to get a loan from Celsius and be able to leverage your investments... but I've never mentioned promo codes!

On Celsius, there is an option to input a promo code, if you input all the promo codes and deposit $500, you can get free Bitcoin just by hodling those $500 in the app for 1 month! How risky is it? It's almost risk-free!


So, if you are short on cash and can handle hodling $500 on the app for one month, just install it, go through the KYC, input the promo codes on the profile section of the app, and deposit the $500... wait and profit!

I would also recommend using my Celsius link to start using the app or, if you are having trouble using the link above, input this code "179725a507" when making the account, mainly because we will both earn an extra $10 for the first $200 you deposit on the app, so it's an extra $10!

The current promo-codes that one can use are:

CRYPT0 - Deposit $100 and get $10 of BTC
HELLO10 - Deposit $100 of any coin and get $10 of BTC
HELLO50 - Deposit $500 of any coin and get $50 of BTC
CERTIFIED10 - Deposit $100 of any coin and get $10 of BTC.
CERTIFIED50 - Deposit $500 of any coin and get $50 of BTC.
NEWHOME - Deposit $500 of any coin and get $10 of CEL.
GAIN10 - Deposit $100 of any coin and get $10 of BTC.
GAIN50 - Deposit $500 of any coin and get $50 of BTC.

Use all of these and deposit the $500, in one month you will get $200 or $210 depending on if you used my Referral or not...

This is one of the best opportunities around! It's free money! And it's even better if after receiving the Bitcoin you keep it on the app earning weekly interest... I know people who are getting $20 per week just by hodling some Bitcoin and Celsius tokens on the app! Imagine what this person will get after the next Bull Market! Hundreds per week! You can do it too!

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Question of the day: What other ways of earning almost risk-free crypto do you know about?

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