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Blockchain Censorship Resistant? Ethereum and Tor...

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read 3 comments teutonium

    Censorship...   As we stand right now, the ecosystem is not government resistant, it's not censorship proof, Bitcoin, maybe, but Ethereum and all the other ecosystems? No way... Mainly because anyone that is running an Ethereum node is showing...

DeFi Protocols! Copy Paste...Copy Paste... YFI, SUSHI, SNX

30 Aug 2020 3 minute read 7 comments teutonium

    This is just crazy...   The crypto space is an unregulated space. A free for all space with many of the protocols and ideas open-source so that everyone can help out, but this a double edge sword... Protocols being open-source indeed means any...

Tokenization and STOs - Liquid and Ethereum

26 Aug 2020 3 minute read 0 comments teutonium

    Why crypto...   People came to cryptos looking for many things, but, in my honest opinion, the main thing that they came here looking for was freedom! Freedom from the tyranny of central banking! Freedom from the tyranny of authoritarian gover...

TrustSwap! Fighting Shady Scammers!?

20 Aug 2020 3 minute read 3 comments teutonium

More coins!   The space is full of coins! Coins everywhere! Left and right, everywhere we look, there is a new coin being created... The crypto space is getting more and more connected with time. Right now, we can lend and borrow in many different pr...

It's So Near! Bull Season Around The Corner?

15 Aug 2020 3 minute read 3 comments teutonium

  Almost...   We are almost there folks! I can see it, I can feel it, I can taste it, I can smell it and I can hear it! We are so near it that's it's amazing! After waiting for 2 years and a couple of months now, we are near a true bull season! What...

Hard Money and Supply! Ethereum and Bitcoin!

11 Aug 2020 7 minute read 6 comments teutonium

Hard money...   Many come into the crypto space looking for hard money! Real money! the money, or at least a similar money, to that of our ancestors. Money from the era before Nixon took the world out of the gold standard! That's what many in the cr...

Crypto CashFlow! Crypto Social Media! How much I've made so far?!

7 Aug 2020 6 minute read 8 comments teutonium

    Need more money!   I think every new investor has this problem, only the investors that were born rich don't have this issue! We all need more money! More money to invest in the projects, more money to buy real estate, more money to travel, more...

Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

5 Aug 2020 3 minute read 11 comments teutonium

    How much...Every single time!   Every single time I tell people that I've invested in cryptocurrencies they always ask me the same question! "How much have you made?"! My answer is always the same thing... "I haven't sold any, but if I did I w...

Bitcoin Going Up?! Basic charting BTC, ETH, VET, CEL

28 Jul 2020 2 minute read 1 comment teutonium

It's happening!   Day after day, week after week, month after month! We've been waiting for a move in the crypto market for so long! Sometimes it almost felt like it was never coming... but it's now upon us. It's happening folks! Bitcoin is finally g...

Technical Analysis! Bitcoin! The New Stablecoin?!

22 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments teutonium

    The new Stablecoin!   I guess we have a new stablecoin in the cryptomarket... Bitcoin! It's been so long since we last saw Bitcoin full of life, full of volatility. This is so weird! It almost looks like a stablecoin... no $1000 pumps and dump...


DeFi Protocols! Copy Paste...Copy Paste... YFI, SUSHI, SNX

30 Aug 2020 teutonium

30 August 2020
True, but I think these things tend to consolidate on the strongest forks... the free-market will make the money go to the strongest/safest protocol imo. Just look at Aave and Compound, they did pretty similar things, but compound didn't innovate and Aave was able to surpass Compound quite easily in terms of TVL and users.

It's So Near! Bull Season Around The Corner?

15 Aug 2020 teutonium

15 August 2020
That's the spirit! Never give up! Keep stacking sats and other cryptos, sooner or later it will go up! Imagine what gold bugs feel, they've been waiting for a bull market for more than a decade!

Hard Money and Supply! Ethereum and Bitcoin!

11 Aug 2020 teutonium

13 August 2020
Thanks! glad you liked it! I tried my best to explain the topic and give my opinion sometimes

Hard Money and Supply! Ethereum and Bitcoin!

11 Aug 2020 teutonium

13 August 2020
Thanks! I just write what I think and what comes to mind, as if I was explaining it to someone that didn't know much about the topic. Nice that people like the way I write, my English could be better sometimes, I sometimes re read the text and think "Maybe I should have reworded this in a better way", and sometimes I miss words while I'm writing, my brain reads it as if it had the word, but the word isn't there.

Hard Money and Supply! Ethereum and Bitcoin!

11 Aug 2020 teutonium

13 August 2020
That's I think too... BTC is Hard Money, Ethereum is the system that you can put your hard money on and use all the different financial protocols or invest in all kind of assets... But in the end, the safe haven is always BTC on the mainchain imo... But who knows what the future HODLs for us HODLers

Crypto CashFlow! Crypto Social Media! How much I've made so far?!

7 Aug 2020 teutonium

08 August 2020
I know the feeling of having a hard time keeping track of all these platforms... I wrote this whole post and as soon as I posted it I had to edit it because I forgot read.cash xD And since I posted this post people taught me about 4 other platforms. Yup and Peepeth, got to check them out! Thanks for reading!

Crypto CashFlow! Crypto Social Media! How much I've made so far?!

7 Aug 2020 teutonium

08 August 2020
Need to check out how Likecoin it works! Thanks for the tip! I've been meaning to port my crypto content to a Wordpress website, it's always best to have a frontend of our own where the ad revenue goes to our pocket!

Crypto CashFlow! Crypto Social Media! How much I've made so far?!

7 Aug 2020 teutonium

07 August 2020
On Hive (what you call steemit), I have around 900, but most of them are inactive, on publish0x I have 170 followers, so not that many... but with hard work and perseverance, I'll get more!

Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

5 Aug 2020 teutonium

06 August 2020
I normally buy from OceanEx, the VeChain ecosystem main exchange, but I've also been wanting to give Vexchange, the main VeChain DEX, a try.

Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

5 Aug 2020 teutonium

06 August 2020
Even though I agree partially with you, I also think that there are many people who aren't tech-savvy and would rather use a custodial service with KYC like Celsius provides and earn interest with Celsius, people are not used to owning their money, some will be able to adapt fast, while other won't...

Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

5 Aug 2020 teutonium

06 August 2020
Need to look into both, I need to see the fundamentals, especially where those high ROIs come from, if high ROIs are sustained by inflation instead of a business I find that a dangerous investment, but maybe AWC and DIVI aren't like that, they might be solid picks! Thanks for the tips, I'll look into both of them

Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

5 Aug 2020 teutonium

06 August 2020
I wanted to diversify inside the VeChain ecosystem, so the only tokens that looked solid were PLA, SHA, OCE and 8hrt, out of all of these, SHA has nodes, and it also has buybacks, so that was my reasoning to buy SHA, but I'll probably sooner or later diversify into the others.

Writing your own Bitcoin miner in Kotlin

12 Apr 2020 Alexandru-Balan

27 July 2020
Ok, so the value needs to be lower than the current difficulty level, that was one of the things that I was still confused. BTC blocks should be mined every 10 minutes(the difficulty adjusts for that), but I guess it all depends on the hashing power ofc. Yeah, Kotlin is similar to Java in some ways, especially with the class and instances. Really great information!

Writing your own Bitcoin miner in Kotlin

12 Apr 2020 Alexandru-Balan

27 July 2020
This was very well written and really good information, kinda hard to get sometimes, but that's probably because this is my first contact with Kotlin (only know Java and C atm, still a student)... I was thinking of doing a miner myself, especially now that I have free solar power and can know how much I'm producing in terms of power. (If I don't use all the energy the power company will get it for free, so I got to use it all). So let me get this straight, mining is basically getting the concatenated information in the block header and hashing it again and again until we get a smaller value?

Selling Equity... Celsius Network and BnkToTheFuture!

3 Jul 2020 teutonium

04 July 2020
I'm not much of a CryptoChico guy because he likes to shit on some of my coins xD I'm more of a IvanOnTech type of guy, Ivan can explain the technology behind everything, which I really like, but I guess that's just different tastes... I have the same issue right now, even though I'm putting 100% of my extra money into crypto, I still don't have enough to buy a large portion of equity so I'm sticking to buying CEL instead of equity because of that...

Selling Equity... Celsius Network and BnkToTheFuture!

3 Jul 2020 teutonium

04 July 2020
I wouldn't consider the DeFi options that much better tbh... Compound is not really DeFi, it still has centralized oracles with price feeds that can control the whole system, the team still has control over everything, and since a lot of things that they are doing is highly experimental and untested it's still really dangerous in my opinion... But I guess that's just different risk profiles we both got. You should rly look into owning equity in Celsius, who know where they might be in the future! (I'm also farming Compound governance tokens, so I guess that's a little like farming equity in the company)

Stock Market... Troubled Times And Still Going up?

14 Jun 2020 teutonium

16 June 2020
with finances pulled out of thin air. Not sure if it's pulled out of thin air... the value that the new freshly printed money gets is coming from all the savers that lose value during the devaluation of the currency. But if it crashes again I'm all for adding more stocks and cryptos!

Stock Market... Troubled Times And Still Going up?

14 Jun 2020 teutonium

15 June 2020
The only thing that in my mind makes no sense is the Tesla stock price... it's higher than Toyota, and Toyota is one of the best car manufacturers in the world, while the Tesla is losing money each year and sells a lot fewer cars than Toyota But yeah, a lot of investors didn't go in at the bottom when they should have... They need to learn a thing or two with the crypto community, always BTFD!



15 June 2020
Ainda tenho de começar a utilizar presearch, comecei uma vez mas dps vi que so cnsg retirar de la o dinheiro quando tivesse a acumulado bue e desisti... tenho utilizado o startpage ou o duckduckgo no Brave porque têm muita privacidade e nao vendem dados, muito bons search engines

Stock Market... Troubled Times And Still Going up?

14 Jun 2020 teutonium

15 June 2020
Tbm follow mais a Tip rapaz! Tugalandia ao poder!

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Yes, you missed $300,000 $MEME air drop!

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WTF do you get when you mix YAM with CryptoKitties? You get $MEME! Meme Protocol was announced by this medium post on 26th August 2020. I thought it was a spam project. Actually none might have taken the project seriously. As per the protocol, instea...

Is FalconSwap A Scam Project? Open Investigation

1 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments LiteLiger

Investigation on FalconSwap (FSW) Another week and another new investigation, prompted by a member of community. I'm not going to make this a multi-video / article series like i did with MyX Network and LID protocol, so don't any big follow-ups anyw...

Financial Education #2

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How to develop personal financial education? To develop personal financial education, first you need to understand the importance of having more financial control and changing habits. If you are always in debt because you consume too much, especially...

Gold product release

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This post is another entry in our regular series in which we fill you in twice a month on all the front-end updates we’ve made across our dApps and website. Stay tuned for more updates!   Add fee reclaim/rebate events on Synthetix.Exchange As per SI...

BTC's Marketcap in Context: No Honor Among Thieves

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Here’s an interesting image. It shows the scale of wealth, or market caps, of different elements of our economy, compared to how much the price of BTC would have to be in order to reach those market caps. What stood out to me about this graph is how...

The Venmo or Cashapp for Crypto? Unstoppable Domains

18 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments BryRi

This year has been quite an adventure to date and expectations are that it will continue this meteoric path.  Even since the BTC halving event in May of this year, "movement" can be used to describe just about everything.  Now there is something else...

ETH-USD Perpetual Contract Market is Live

16 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments dYdX

After listening to our active trading community and evaluating the greater DeFi product landscape, we are pleased to announce that we have launched an ETH-USD Inverse Perpetual Contract Market.   To celebrate the launch, we are providing 50% off trad...

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the aelf WhitePaper

15 Aug 2020 7 minute read comments aelf_blockchain

  In the last article, we introduced the Bingo game DApp demo, now let's look at the aelf project proper. We've already talked about the aelf real random number generator, which can generate unpredictable random numbers between 0 and 255, making it a...

How I Research For Crypto Investing!

13 Aug 2020 5 minute read comments johnwege

I often make posts about coins that I'm really bullish on.  Coins that I believe the price will dramatically increase in the near future.  And I've have a great track record so far this year.  But after I make these posts, one of the main questions I...

July Crypto & Blockchain Social Metrics & Earnings Report

10 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

So that you can take full advantage of the platforms out there that use blockchain technology and have crypto monetization, I will share with you the 6 platforms I used to make $967.84 CAD worth of crypto in July. I’m committing to sharing these eve...


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