Tally Ho - let's chase down the fox!

By TengoLoTodo | TengoLoTodo | 25 Jul 2022

Being British I know the expression Tally Ho!

Do you? 

No? Then let me explain!

When there was a fux hunt, people would urge the foxhounds on hunt by shouting “tallyho” when the fox was sighted.

So what does that have to do with the crypto world?

When I say fox to you and wallets. What do you think of?

If you said MetaMask then you are 100% correct.

Tally Ho then is a new kid on the block that has MetaMask in its sights.

What is Tally Ho?

Tally Ho Community Owned Wallet


Quite simply Tally Ho! is a competitor to Metamask.

They are a new wallet and for me there are two main advantages over MetaMask.

First up is the cost. Tally Ho has 0.5% swap fees. MetaMask has 1%!

Secondly and in this era of Web 3.0 and decentralization I love the fact that Tally Ho is a community owned wallet. So swap fees will go to the DAO

Pretty neat stuff huh!

Tally Ho Browser extension options

At the moment Tally Ho is only available via a browser extension. 

The three browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

Do you get the dog theme running through Tally Ho?

A man's best friend is a dog and a loyal companion and all that!

Tally Ho have asked the community for a new name, they could not use Tally as it has been used in too many crypto projects.

Tally Ho Governance

In keeping with the whole dog/doggy thing of The Tally Ho community, they have named their governance token.

Can you guess the name?

hehe yep it is called $DOGGO :dog:

As per

The upcoming launch has many moving pieces. So we’re sharing some early details to give our community a preview of how everything fits together. This post is light on details! So don’t expect a deep dive on token economics or a full emissions schedule. But rest assured: much more info (plus a full announcement) is coming soon.


Soon $DOGGO.

The token will launch alongside the full alpha release of Tally Ho. You’ll claim your tokens, delegate, and earn $DOGGO—all from inside your Tally Ho wallet. And you’ll want to do it pretty quickly :wink:

So what do you think, are you going to grab some $DOGGO?


What does the wallet look like?


First of all the set up of Tally Ho is so smooth.

Just hit the download link and follow the instructions.

I did it for Chrome

Tally Ho browser extension setup

The setup is straightforward and gives you 23 seed words.

Tally Ho wallet chains


As you can see there is only Eth and Polygon chains at the moment, however, this dog is still in test mode.

Overall I like Tally Ho, and look forward to being part of the pack hunting down the MetaMask fox!

I know I will be grabbing some $DOGGO, the question is will you?


This has been my thoughts on Tall Ho for Tally Ho competition 

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