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A wee look into Tectum and their star product Softnote

25 Dec 2023 1 minute read 1 comment TengoLoTodo

Hello Hello and let me begin this post by saying this is an entry for the Tectum SoftNote Contest. I must admit that prior to researching for this contest I had not heard of either Tectum the blockchain or their star product Softnote! Did you know th...

Publish0x World Cup Fantasy League! LFG

20 Nov 2022 3 minute read 0 comments TengoLoTodo

I have never experienced such an underwhelming buildup to a World Cup as this one. And trust me I have been around for a fair few of them! The Qatar 2022 World Cup kicks off tomorrow the 20th of November. Never before have I experienced a World C...

Tally Ho - let's chase down the fox!

25 Jul 2022 2 minute read 2 comments TengoLoTodo

Being British I know the expression Tally Ho! Do you?  No? Then let me explain! When there was a fux hunt, people would urge the foxhounds on hunt by shouting “tallyho” when the fox was sighted. So what does that have to do with the crypto world? Whe...

I am a Cosmonaut so fly me to the moon in 2022 - MyCryptoOutlook2022

30 Jan 2022 9 minute read 5 comments TengoLoTodo

“A bird that fears turbulence will never know how high it can fly.”― Matshona Dhliwayo   Introduction This article is my submission to the contest MyCryptoOutlook2022 BitYard Contest and Giveaway - $1,200 in ETH Prizes!  If you have not participated...

Jetcoin - proving the fuel to rocket inspiring athletes and entertainers of today to stardom tomorrow.

9 Jan 2022 3 minute read 4 comments TengoLoTodo

There is a saying, the early bird catches the worm, well nothing is truer than in the worlds of sports and entertainment. Imagine if you had scouted the next Ronaldo or Adele and put in place a career path for them to progress to the top. In return t...