Telos EVM - The Game Changer In The History of DeFi.

Telos EVM - The Game Changer In The History of DeFi.

When it comes to blockchain transactions, what matters most is the speed! Some might not care about the fees as long as the transfer of data from one node to another should be seamless. This is what the most powerful technology Telos has to offer. It's own EVM.


The Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the Game Changer!


Tested and proven powerful


What is Telos EVM?


A Layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Machine, Built to Power Web 3.0.

Telos EVM is a scalable solution for Solidity based applications, built with the intent of revolutionizing the DeFi landscape. Unlike other scalable EVMs, Telos EVM is not just a fork of the original Go Ethereum code. It’s an entirely new EVM redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of the power that Telos technology has to offer.

This new approach allows the Telos EVM to avoid the scaling issues that many major EVM alternatives run into. Despite its unique design, Telos EVM offers feature parity with Ethereum, this makes it a powerful solution for developers and users looking for an Ethereum Virtual Machine that can keep up with the demands of mass adoption.

The Best Edge of Telos EVM amongst any other chain:



A Glimpse Of The Speed Of Telos:

You can check the speed by trying out for yourself here:



These are the major key-factors that makes Telos the best choice for Decentralized Finance, NFT, dApps, and infrastructure:


What is Front-Running?

Front-running is an industry-wide problem, in which millions of dollars in profits are being syphoned from unsuspecting traders. It started with bots offering high gas fees to jump the line, in front of high value transactions. Today, miners are performing the front-running, by inserting their own transactions ahead of others, while paying only the minimum gas fees. This is called MEV for miner extracted value or maximum extractable value.

Now, the industry has reached a point where a system of bribes are proposed to miners to take up transactions directly. With only a handful of mining pools controlling the majority of block creation on other networks, it is not possible to avoid this system of bribe-or-be-robbed that will come to all Ethereum-based chains. Very few people talk about this massive industry problem, as no one has come up with a sustainable solution - until Telos EVM.



How Telos EVM Outruns Front-Running?

Telos is a third generation blockchain (Web 3.0) that is extremely fast, creating two new blocks every second. This leaves little time for bots to scan the mempool for valuable trades. Furthermore, a fixed-rate gas fee on Telos EVM transactions means that no one can jump ahead of another person by offering a higher fee.

Most important of all, Telos is a blockchain that’s governed by its community, with clear rules of what its validators are allowed to do and the penalties for breaking these rules. On Telos, all block producers must process transactions on a first-in, first-out basis, as they receive them. They cannot reorder transactions for profits. Together, these factors provide strong protection from any front-running on Telos EVM.


With this technology, are you going to compromise your hard-earned funds by NOT getting Telos EVM from those schemes mentioned? If you are still not yet impressed, please take a look at the next edge of Telos amongst the top chains in the market.



The low transaction costs and fixed gas fees of Telos EVM will revolutionize the landscape of the DeFi industry. The scalable nature means that users from around the world will be able to transact amounts as little as $1 and still see profit. A practice that’s IMPOSSIBLE on other EVMs due to their fluctuating gas fees and high transaction costs.


The Telos Network Is Energy Efficient & Consumes Less-Energy 


Telos Network Energy Consumption in TeraWatt-Hour per Year compared to BTC, ETH and VISA. 0.0004 TW-h/Y.

Telos is Environmentally Conscious.

My last post was about Telos as the Greenest Blockchain which acclaimed a lot of intrigues across the Publish0x Community. If you love nature then why not choose Telos since it is the only blockchain that balances its technology in all facets of compliance from Environmental, Social and Governance along with its speed, decentralization, scalability and low transaction fees. 

We will extract the letter "E" from the ESG compliance from the United Nations standards set for businesses around the world.



Every technology advancement has a repercussion towards the Environment, Society and the organization's leadership structure.

One of the biggest growing pains for the blockchain sector has been society’s negative view towards the technology. There are many common misconceptions around the effects that this technology has on the world, and for good reason. With the potential to radically alter how our economies, businesses and relationships operate, there is a level of risk that comes with mass adoption, as with any major technological advancement.

Comparison to other Blockchains:


When time comes as the world noticed this tremendous technology and highlighted capabilities of the Telos Network, Telos would have a lot more chance to increase its marketcap.

The last but not the least! The BEST Edge that the Telos EVM have amongst any other chains especially Ethereum.

Cost Efficiency and Less Gas Fees.

Transactions on the native telos network are virtually feeless. On Telos EVM, there is a minimal gas-fee which is set by governance and more than 99.9% lower than on Ethereum! Mind-blowing as it is but this is what other dapps from Ethereum should consider to migrate to the Telos network. How could I possibly transfer my $10 earnings here on publish0x sent to my Metamask in the Eth Blockchain if the fees are over $60?


During the Telos EVM Audit,

Telos EVM Uncovers Severe Security Vulnerability in Ethereum


Guido Vranken of Sentnl discovered a security vulnerability in the original, Go Ethereum (Geth) code. This is a critical find for the DeFi & blockchain space, and the Telos EVM team is grateful to have such a talented group of programmers securing the Telos' own EVM.

Telos is not challenging Ethereum in any way, it is already them who admitted and shared a tweet of their own. In Telos, they build bridges ~ not walls.

See this news here by clicking this link.

To see the EVM Technology for yourself,

Telos EVM Demo Goes Live!

Too Fast, Too furious - The TelosEVM DeFi demo goes live on Telos Testnet. Get an early look at the fastest, most performant Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The Telos DeFi Demo is finally here, swap, add liquidity, and earn farming rewards on the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine available today.

Watch the live demonstration with Telos Core Developers Douglas Horn and Jesse Schulman on Youtube!

You can watch the video on how you can try it out for yourself. Please note that it would use a Metamask by doing this task.

Since I have been away from quite sometime, this has been the rundown for August 2021 summary of activities as we approach the last week of September. Check this out.

August Newsletter

Latest announcement of the EVM on Twitter:

Current price of the TLOS Token in the market thru CoinGecko:


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Telos - The Most Powerful Blockchain In The World - Find out Why?


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Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain
Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain

Telos is powering the networked ecosystem of the future. A networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy. - Decentralised - Energy efficient - Super-fast - Scalable - Cost-effective - Secure The Telos mainnet has been live since 2018, and today, Telos features a huge variety of smart contracts, dApps, the fastest transaction speed (at 10,000 TPS), and most importantly, ‘real world’ utility.

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