Transparency report - How do I contribute to Osmosis LPs

By Aldeneer | Techrosmos | 5 Feb 2022

Good evening! Today I will show you how much I contribute to the osmosis decentralized exchange. I delegate some of my tokens and coins to liquidity pools to claim sweet rewards. 

Pool #560 : UST / OSMO:

35 UST / 3.8 OSMO

Pool #604 : STARS / OSMO:

520 STARS / 45 OSMO

Pool #619 : DSM / OSMO:

106 DSM / 8 OSMO

Most of those tokens I got from airdrops that are happening almost every month (if you stake ATOM of course). 

Pool 560 earns me 129% APR + LUNA bonus

Pool 604 earns 154% APR + STARS bonus

Pool 619 earns 176% APR + DSM bonus


Do you yield farm on osmosis? Let me know in the comments!

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