A former employee of a popular crypto trading platform leaks data of 8,000 users!

A former employee of a popular crypto trading platform leaks data of 8,000 users!

By Aldiwani | Technology | 29 Feb 2020

A disgruntled ex-employee began publishing personal data that was stolen from the Digitex crypto and futures trading platform.

The publication was made on a telegram channel yesterday, which means a massive data breach.

According to the source, the data transfer includes KYC documents, including passport photos and driver's licenses for 8,000 Digitex users.

Digitex interacted with the incident and stated the statement:

Digitex Futures are more aware of the momentum the telegram channels are getting around leaking confidential data.

We cannot comment on the incident at this time, and we are currently looking for a legal advisor.

We would like to apologize for the distress or inconvenience we have caused and assure you that we are doing everything we can to
remedy the situation.

  Only emails have been stolen.

He blamed a former employee, but he did not give his name.

The new documents are strong evidence that the leak actually occurred.

“Todd” stated at the time, after this employee listened to conference calls and released a lot of classified information:

When you have someone like this working against you, it is very difficult

What did the leak revealed so far?

To date, three documents have been disclosed that include the date on which the platform started and email interviews.

Some details have been hidden.

The "leaker" said on the Telegram channel that he leaked:

I have the complete kyc customer ID documents for every user who uses the platform from its creation date to today.

In a conversation on the Telegram “CryptoVigilante” channel, the lone explained the following:

The data (KYC data) came from the login set up by the Digitex platform when users log in.

This login with username and password and 2FA provides unrestricted access to all KYC information for more than 8,000 clients including documents, address, phone numbers and other information such as IP address.


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