Brave keeps its promise to make exceptional mid-month payment
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Brave keeps its promise to make exceptional mid-month payment

Many Brave users received a disappointing payment at the start of September that didn't tally with the 'estimated earnings' the browser had been showing them.

Being affected by this myself, I wrote about it here on Publish0x and explained how Brave had vowed to "make a mid-month one-time payment to make good on any confusion caused". Here's an update on that - and it's good news.

Just before midnight Uk time on Sunday 20th September, I received a surprise payment from Brave to my linked Uphold account (In case you're wondering, the Uphold card that received the payment is called 'Brave Browser'):


The regular monthly payments from Brave are made around the sixth of each month, so this was evidently the "mid-month one-time payment" the team had promised. What's more, I'd previously estimated that I had around 15 BAT 'stuck' in Brave, and this payment, as you can see, was for just under 14 BAT - so everything tallied quite nicely.

To confirm this, Brave Support subsequently left two updates on the official support thread for this issue:

"Mid-month payments are processing"

And then, happily:

"Payments have finished processing"

So I'm confident I do indeed have my missing tokens (it's just a shame that the price of BAT is currently sitting at its lowest level since June, but that's a different story).

But here's the strange thing. Even after the payout, my Brave browser still showed estimated earnings of 17.835 BAT. It took until the following day for the 'estimated earnings' counter to update itself to reflect the additional payment I had received.

For a glorious 24 hours I was left wondering whether I would receive payment for the same 14 BAT twice - which would have compensated somewhat for the bearish market. Sadly that wasn't to be, and the counter is now showing a less bountiful (but undoubtedly more accurate) estimated earnings figure of 3.910 BAT.

I'd be interested to hear from other Publish0x users who received a mid-month payment from Brave - did you get what you were expecting, and did your 'estimated earnings' figure change as a result?

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