The best places to earn free crypto

The best places to earn free crypto

By Austras | Tech-tutor | 5 Aug 2021

1 Satoshi can be the start of something great, or a free meal.

Here I'll go over the best places to get your hands on free crypto. I'll try to avoid places that aren't available in every country or aren't worth the time or risk. I'll judge them based on how good the reward is, how easy it is to use or get your crypto and the speed of which you receive your reward.

Brave browser, BAT


For anyone using chrome, this switch should be a no brainer. Brave has the same base as chrome, allowing the same addons and apps from Google's play store, the difference is in the details. The browser automatically protects you from harmful cookies and scripts, allowing you to see in real time how many you've blocked and what websites are harmful. Apart from the extra safety, top-notch privacy and less ram consumtion, the browser also has an advert program that rewards publishers and consumers. All ads in the browser are blocked automatically, instead you'll preiodically see Brave's tailored ads, and whenever an ad is shown to you, both you and the ad's publisher earn a slice of BAT. So basically, you make free money & crypto simply browsing the web.

coinmarketcap earn


Coinmarketcap is an alternative to Coingecko, allowing you keep track of your favorite crypto and also have an updated portfolio tracking your gains. Apart from their less lucrative airdrops they also have an earn program, where you watch/read snippets about both old and new crypto, then can have some coins send to your Binance account. The tokens are given on a first come first serve basis and often has limited supply. You'll need to keep yourself updated on when they list new coins and be quick with the lessons and quiz to get your hands on anything here. This makes the free crypto you can get from the Coinmarketcap earn program a slightly rougher experience.

Crypto faucets


This can vary depending on which faucet and which crypto you are getting, most of the are fairly quick and easy to use. Two decent faucets are this nano faucet and this DOGE faucet. There are other faucets around but they vary with the amount of crypto they have and their uptime. Feel free to find alternatives for yourselves but be aware that alot of these can be unsafe. Try to avoid any that forces you to go through ads or create accounts.



Wenano can be easily installed onto your phone, IOS or android. It's similar to PokemonGO, allowing the app to track your location as you travel and let's you intereact with their augmented app. Users can create spots and charge them with NANO, whenever you get close to one you can simply claim free NANO straight into your app, later sending it to your wallet. There's no hard limit on the range of the spots so some users have created spots covering entire continents. However the rewards from this app depends on how active you and the user base is.



Fragging for free crypto. Simply create and register an account then join lobbies of classic Quake. Each frag you manage to get rewards you with a bit of NANO, instantly. Pretty cool to play games and get rewarded real time based on your performance. The NANO ecosystem has more games such as a Counterstrike clone that can earn you free crypto, apart from NanoQuakeJS and Wenano.

Coinbase earn


 One of the best "learn and earn" programs on this list. Coinbase updates their earn program regularly and give away 3$ - 10$ worth of tokens for each new crypto they list. You have to enter a waiting list before you can get access to the lessons and earnt the crypto. The quiz is pretty straightforward and allow you to answer how many times you want, worth the wait. Easily set up a coinbase account and enter the waiting list here.



This section is fairly broad. Almost all exchanges offer stakeing for your crypto, some are limited location-wise such as Coinbase. Plenty of swaps and wallets also offer this. The gist of it is that you provide a network or token ecosystem with your coins, those coins are used to verify transactions and minting of new coins. All the stakers will get rewarded with a percentage of the new coins or transfer fees. Some popular places to stake your coins are, Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. The crypto they offer and their rewards vary so you might have to look around some more to find your preferble location for your stakeing.



Most people get into crypto because they hate their bank. A good alternative to spending the banks money with their debit or credit cards, is to use a crypto card alternative. Some places that have good cards are's card, Binance's card and if you live in the US at the moment, Coinbase also have a really good card. Most of these give good benefits, rewadrs and offer cashback in some percentage or other. I made a post comparing two cards the other day which you can check out here.



Oh boy.

Airdrops offer bits of free crypto, usually for very little done on your part, usually. Most common place I get my airdrops is Coinmarketcap, as those are generally trustworthy. It is very common for airdrops to be scams, steal your data or straight up not even reward participants, hence my skepticism. Do your research before trying to join any airdrop, and be ready for most of these to be empty lies and scams. I've found out about alot of shitcoins from these airdrops, have made very little return on any of the ones that actually ended up in my wallet. Coinmarketcap earn and Coinbase earn is a far better alternative as these coins are often further up the marketcap list and are given out more frequently as there is a company backing the aidrop.



This shouldn't be a huge suprise. Perfect place to learn and express yourself surrounding crypto, people earn microtips by tipping you and you earn microtips from users tipping you. Once you've reached the threshold you can simply withdraw these to your wallet, fairly pain free. You can easily sign up and become an author here today. These are often fairly easy to use and you can use the cashback to invest back into the market immediately. Crypto cards have replaced all my debit and credit cards as their rewards aren't tied to any annual interest you have to pay back. Do read the fine print on these as there can be limits to how much you can use these and where.

Reddit xMoons


r/cryptocurrenecy have been one of my main social medias lately, for good reason. If we disregard the effort and how active you have to be, this free crypto (fully free by the way) outperforms everyone else on this list by far. You can also earn alternatives on r/fortnite and r/ethtrader, but they aren't as strong or as talked about as xMoons. Simply get your posts and/or comments upvoted and the karma you earn will translate into free crypto each month. Currently going to the bathroom and browsing reddit earns me roughly 50 euro each month, some people in third world countries even use this crypto as their main income.

That covers most of the places to get free crypto that are actually worthwhile. You can find most of these yourself, if I linked any of them you can simply use the link. If I missed any good forms of crypto rewards please drop them down below, otherwise thank you for reading and don't forget to hydrate.

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