Binance visa card Vs. visa card

Binance visa card Vs. visa card

By Austras | Tech-tutor | 4 Aug 2021

I have acquired both these cards (both physically and virtually) and will compare them to see which card is better for everyday use, atleast in my opinion. There are several factors to consider as pros & cons and I'll break them down into parts and compare them accordingly.


One of the most important things to consider with these cards are which Crypto you prefer, as their rewards are given in two seperate ones. 

Do you want the binance smart-chain main token or the slightly smaller native token CRO? Both of these are performing similarily with CRO lagging slightly behind, neither of these coins tend to reflect the state of the cards so you can chose your favorite without having to worry how the crypto are affected by the card or vice-versa. The main difference is that BNB actively decides how much cashback you get on your card where as CRO does this indirectly, more on this later under cashback.

Cryptos supported

Neither of these cards pay with crypto directly, they do however support a handful of cryptos to charge the card's wallet with.

Binance Card card

BNB         CRO

BUSD       LTC

BTC          BTC

ETH         ETH

EUR         ADA

SXP         CHZ

ADA        DAI

DOT       DOGE

FIL          ENJI

XVS        LINK

VAI         11+

In this section there really is no question about it, the card supports 11 more cryptos for topping up their card than the Binance card.

Physical card takes longer to get their physical card sent out which is a negative in my book. However their higher tiers offer a metal card with different colours that you can pick. The Binance card is a simple plastic card without any tiers. Both cards are fairly equal here with Binance being quicker to recieve but lacking the customizability that the card offer.




The level of cashback depends on your active holdings of BNB in your card wallet. This means that you need 1 BNB to recieve the lowest cashback reward which is 2%, 1 BNB at the time of writing is 320$. The cost of having a higher cashback depends entirely on the price of BNB as it fluactes accordingly, anywhere between 320$ - 192.000$.

The most optimal reward level would be 2 as 2% back is worth the risk of holding 1 BNB.


The cashback rate is decided the moment you stake your CRO, the price of CRO doesn't change how much you need staked unless you refresh your stake. The cashback for the card is better for their free tier giving 1% compared to Binance's 0,1%. However their ruby tier lags behind 1% to Binance's level 2 card giving 2%. On tier 3 & 4 the cashback is fairly equal with today's CRO & BNB prices with level 5-7 being better than's obsidian.

Extra rewards

This will most likely be a one sided note for Binance's extra rewards aren't directly related to their cards at all. It's mainly their other services which you could already access without needing to involve their card that are there.

Depending on your tier of card you get extra benefits and full refunds of different services.

Ruby gives you free spotify (12.99$)

Indigo & Green gives you free netflix (10,99$)

Gold & White gives you free amazon prime (12,99$) and free entry for 1 person to aiport lounges & 10% off expedia bookings (50$) and allows you to bring a +1 to your lounge.

Obsidian gives you 10% of airbnb bookings (50$) and private jet partnetship.

Ruby, indigo & green's rewards are worth the effort and makes those tiers more worthwhile.

Customer support

Whenever you upgrade or have any issue with your card, you'll need to go through's support, luckily that journey is a happy one. They have a well staffed team that is well versed with their products and make any upgrades a breeze. Binance's card doesn't offer upgrades which means you won't have to fight with their support. However if you do end up needning their support, it'll be rough. Slow response with staff that doesn't really concern themselves with speed or service marks this as a negative for Binance.


Both cards work sseamlessly wherever you can pay with a standard debit or visa card. does block some purchases related to crypto and both cards prevent cashback on certain services. Both are easy to top up with fiat and the Binance card is slightly easier to use with your crypto.


All in all I am and will continue to use's card. Their extra benefits and the metal cards have won me over and edges their card over binance. I still have the Binance card but it is currently collecting dust as I have sold off all my BNB, which was a big negative as the BNB price made the card both worth it and not at all depending on the market value.

If you are going to put in 350$ or more for the rewards you should ask yourself what's more important. Cashback on your purchases or the extra rewards?

If we were to compare their exchanges and trading this post might have been a different story.

I plan to acquire Coinzoom, NEXO & cryptopay's card and compare them in the future. At the time being, shipping and KYC are preventing me from getting their cards to try out.

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