Indoor Track

Indoor Track

By team SISU | sisu | 1 Jul 2019

For All The Subtle Differences.

Running may be the most universal physical activity due to its quality of being performed indoors as well as outdoors. If you were to ask anyone who engages in the activity regularly, running indoors can actually feel vastly different than running outdoors; it is a different environment after all and accompanied by different (often unspoken) rules or safeties. The following recommendations I provide in the hopes of saving anyone from learning the hard way or feeling any unease on the track:

  1. Look both right and left before you cross the track for incoming objects or peoples.

  2. Generally the inside lanes are occupied by fast runners and outer lanes are for exiting.

  3. It is wise not to stop abruptly or suddenly change to a slow pace when on the track.

  4. Calling track or something similar to passing on your left or right, prevents collisions.

  5. Be aware of your personal belongings or be respectful since spitting no longer flies.

Concerning anything omitted from the above, I recommend having at look at the article that inspired me to write this piece. It is on Verywell, which is a website covering a variety of health and wellness topics.

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