Splinterlands - Seasons Rewards - First Season under the new rewards rules

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 18 Jun 2022

It's been a while since I've done a Season Rewards Report but its a season that has been quite different from previously.

This season a new rewards system was put in place to encourage more active play in Splinterlands.  And has it been successful, well lets see what my thoughts are.

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So to recap, the previous rewards were based as follows:

 - There was a rewards for daily quests of several chests per day depending on what league you were in. (at my level of play say 3 chests a day if you completed the daily quest.

 - There was an End of Season Reward that was fixed based on what league you ended in (say 15 chests in Silver II).

I believe different league chests had different reward values but basically over two weeks you might get 42 chests from daily quests and another 15 from the end of season.

One thing this led to was people just ranking up to the league they wanted and then stopping and renting their cards out instead (or just not playing) so Splinterlands made some changes.

 - To combat bots they penalised starter card usage.

 - The focus per day didn't stop at three or five successful battles but you keep scoring points and getting chests up to 30.

 - You earn up to 150 chests by playing (and winning) enough games.

End result - more play = more rewards.  Of course ECR still limits DEC earnings but there is much more reason to keep playing.  

So do I like the changes?

Overall Yes - more opportunity to earn chests means more playtime and more fun.

Do I think it will stop the bots - probably not - They'll have to work differently, might need more investment to get started but if theres anything that benefits from being able to play more it's going to be bots...

Lets see how the changes go over a few seasons.

Seasons Rewards.

After this season, what was the EOS Rewards I got - well I managed to get to 55 chests:


(Got to say - I love the Peakmonsters interface which summarises the rewards!

18 cards, no gold foils but a three epics. A pack which is full of potential, 328 DEC and some potions.  Not too shabby.  No Legendaries or exciting big ticket items but I cant really complain.

On top of that, I picked up a bunch of cards, Dec and potions over the season from daily chests (80 of them) again nothing of note but some cards, some DEC and some Potions.  Cant complain - others have been luckier but there's always next season!

And that is the first season under the new system!

If you're playing splinterlands I hope you did better than I did with the rewards! And regardless, if you're interested in any of the programmes I work with links are below!


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Have fun and keep on Battling!


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