Journeys in the Splinterlands: Part I
Journeys in the Splinterlands: Part I

I began playing Steem Monsters, many months ago after receiving a starter pack as a reward in some contest or other. I had heard of the game, but it had not really captured my interest. However, if you give me enough free cards to play, I'm all over it!

It can be difficult to make a deck when you only have 30 cards, but I happened to land a nice card in my starting cards, the Haunting Spirit. A Rare Death card with self-healing!


This bad boy would prove to be my hero for many, many matches. I tried the other Splinters for Daily Quests, but always came back to Death as my primary choice.

And so I played semi-regularly, sometimes winning, often losing, but steadily moving up in rank. I found a Goblin Mech as a reward and that became my go-to frontline creature. His armor and pure physical damage output could win many matches up front, letting me put whatever I wanted to in back. I found him especially effective with the Fire Splinter. He seemed like such a strong card, that I found it a little odd that I rarely saw him used by my opponents.


But as I climbed ranks, something kind of ugly began happening. More and more often I would run into other players would have level 2 and 3 cards, 90% of the time, they were the playing as the damn Life Splinter, with nearly the same exact lineup with occasional variations due to changes in the amount of mana available.

After a while, I accumulated multiple copies s of some cards, and decided to make my own level 2s (done by combining 3 level 1 cards)! My first was a Vampire. Not a card that I actually used very often, but damnit, he was level 2! I started a game, selected the Death Splinter and discovered that in order to use a Level 2 monster, my Summoner had to be level 2 as well!

Damn you Steem Monsters!!!

On top of that, it turns out that Summoners are Rare drops! *grumble, grumble, grumble*

You can, of course, buy them on the market for a few dollars, but I was determined to only use what I could get for free. Disgruntled, I soldiered on. At a very frustrating pace, I managed to work my way into the Silver League with nothing but level 1 cards. But I felt done.

The game began to feel static. Over half of my battles were against someone running the same Life Splinter setup. I felt that the only way I could get ahead was to pay my way forward, which I did not want to do.

During my playing time, I had acquired a nice Water Legendary and two Gold foiled cards as part of my rewards, so I put them out for sale at above market prices and decided to step away from the game for a bit.

This was around March of 2019.

Next up... Part II: New Rules and Dark Crystals


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