The next big incentive for using the BRAVE browser?

The next big incentive for using the BRAVE browser?

There could be a major feature coming soon to BRAVE


The BRAVE browser, as I'm sure readers are aware, is a new way to surf the web without viewing obnoxious ads and popups, saving hours of your life in the long run, but what if there were more ways to earn passive income from this browser? What, beyond this feature and blocking trackers, could possibly increase the viability of such a browser for the average user?

Currently, the main source of "passive" income provided by the BRAVE browser is via the collecting of BAT tokens by allowing the viewing of ads which are specific to you, which is a fantastic way to collect a token that I believe will inevitably be a top 10 cryptocurrency, should the entire crypto ecosystem and legal framework continue developing as it has been.

More recently, as it's success begins growing faster, the team has included in their ads a satisfaction survey. One of the questions they ask users is if they would be interested in allowing BRAVE to passively mine when they are not using their computer. Many users are unfamiliar with the process of mining, or are too afraid of hacker boogeymen to try. Based on this, I believe it's a safe assumption to say many of the users completing this survey will provide responses that imply to the dev team that implementing mining is an idea worth pursuing, and would boost the use of BAT tipping on the platforms that have enabled it, as well as increase incentive for more platforms to adopt tipping. For the time being, BRAVE blocks all mining attempts from your pc, as part of what it touts as being a browser that increases the safety and privacy of users.

(can be confirmed via github here

Again, this is a huge incentive to use BRAVE, but many users who are crypto-savvy would prefer to make their computer as profitable as possible. The fact that the team is considering this enough to ask for user feedback is bullish, and a strong indicator that it is possible, and likely that this feature could become available over the next year; which is going to be a major year for mainstream adoption thanks to the maturing legal framework.

All the factors contributing to a quickly developing creative ecosystem built on BAT, when combined with the impending automation of many industries, will soon capitulate into massive growth for the BAT ecosystem, and will greatly reward early adopters should trends continue..


..and that's not even factoring in the implementation of smart contracts!



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